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The Theory Of Relativity Is Based On Three Postulates?

Dear Kryon, the theory of relativity is based on three postulates: (1) constancy of the speed of light, (2) the principle of relativity, and (3) relativity of time. What should one think of these postulates?

(1) The speed of light is variable from time-frame to time-frame. It is not a constant of the universe.

(2) All is indeed relative, however, and so the theory holds, but the rules are unique to each reality.

(3) Time will be relative to whatever the speed of light is within the construct of the reality it represents. That's why you can look out into the universe and observe “impossible physics.” One should celebrate these postulates, for they are the beginning of the explanation of how nothing stands alone. If one thing changes, it changes the whole realty. This is also how it is with each Human on the planet.


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