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The Timing of the Great Shift

This really is a profound channelling, filled with information about the Great Shift. Yes, there is a plan, and Kryon tells of the potential timing of it... the years and what is to be accomplished. We are right in the middle of it, for it started in 1987. It goes until 2025. Want to know what's coming up? It's part of this channelling.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

There are some who come here and think that they are seeing something unusual, something special. They don't understand that what they are truly seeing is themselves. For if you are opening your heart to this message, you're starting to see the family. Perhaps you're starting to understand a little more about the process? Perhaps you feel that you are alone, never understanding that Spirit knows your name? Spirit is expecting you here. Some people approach God in a very unusual way. They believe they're apart and alone. They come to a place perhaps like this, and that's where they call out to God, since they suddenly realize they can. Right now, in this session, while this door is open, there are some who'll say, "The door's open. Now I can pray. Kryon, please hear me." They don't know - they don't know that the door is always open!

This is not a place where you come and prepare yourself for something special. Instead, this is a place where we know who you are. The special energy here is us with you. Did you ever wonder who came to see whom? Did you ever think for a moment that there's a family waiting for you to acknowledge them? I have news for you: It is news that is common to Kryon and to you for 20 years. You're never alone. Never alone! It's a different paradigm from what you've been taught, isn't it? There's an entourage here and it has been here all day. It has been here since you sat down in the morning. Could you feel it? I didn't bring it, you know? Each of you did. In your anticipation, you brought it. In the joy that you expected and the laughter that would be here, you brought it. In the celebration of life and the music, you brought it.

Did you know that angelic energy responds to joy? Did you know that God did not bring you to this planet to suffer? Instead, there's the expectation of that magic moment when you'd have the epiphany, the realization of why you're here. You're a piece of the plan, you know? You're a piece of God, you know? Did you know you were eternal? You're not just a Human Being. You're a piece of the Universe. And when you're done with this part of humanity, you'll move on to the next and the next and the next. You and I watched this planet being built. Hard for you to believe, old soul, but you watched the earth being formed and at some level, you knew you'd be here - maybe even today, maybe even sitting here.


I'm going to give you something this night. I'm going to give you an academic list, but it's going to be a special one. I would like to outline tonight for you the energies of the timing of the great shift. I reveal this now to you in all love, as part of the system of the shift that is upon you.

Perhaps you thought there was no organization in this shift? There is always a plan, a plan that you have created and have put in place. It's not a linear plan as you might make for yourself, but a quantum plan placed upon a linear surface. This allows you to understand it better, but the truth is that all or part of it can be implemented at once. So tonight we give you the linearity of it, so you can understand better what has happened, and what is happening.

Twenty years ago, I started to itemize the things to expect for this shift. You cannot have expectations without a plan, and this one is dynamic. That is to say, it is able to move with the linearity of your energy. It is a plan that has some quantumness in it - that is to say, a piece and a part of the plan is always happening and the list can change its order. Difficult to explain, it is, but there is an energy plan, and the entirety of the plan is called The Great Shift. You have heard this from others as well, and it actually started before Kryon came to the earth in 1989. But make no mistake, it is the reason I'm here.

I'm going to give you the three sections of the shift. The three are:

  1. What has already been accomplished,

  2. What you're doing now, and

  3. What is ahead of you.

While I give it to you, I want you to get excited, for so much of it has already taken place! This gives credibility to this message, since you can see what I told you would occur, and see that it has. Then you can see that what I'm telling you are the potentials, and finally relax with it all and get excited about the future.

Many feel that these things are all random and are happening in the world right now in a free-wheeling manner of chaos. Some of you look at the news and you wring your hands. "We're in trouble," you say. However, if you'll carefully look at the Kryon work, you'll see that we told you what was going to happen, and it has. This shift is not a plan of God. It's a plan of your own making, and something that you are part of. So I'm going to itemize it for you. Feel relaxed that you are right in the middle of something that will change the future of humanity. It has a purpose, you see?

There are so many humans who want lists, and this is one of the few times I'm going to give you one! It's time you heard this information in its entirety. It has been given two times before in channelling. This is new for my partner, in that the complexity of the information is so great that he needs to work with it three times in order for it to be complete. The first time I told my partner not to record it. I told him that he would know when, since I had previously indicated that he could record it when it was given in a country that was not in his language. However, he interpreted that as "not in his country," and when he was on the continent of Australia, this channelled information was given again, but it still was not complete. So his fine recording device stopped for the channelling, but recorded everything else around it [Kryon wink]. Some will call this synchronicity. Some call it coincidence. He calls it a gift, since it helps to steer his work past what he expects. Now in Spain, we asked him to record it, and this is the source of this transcription.

I'm not going to pause on every point and explain them, for some of you already know many of the details, explained many times over the past years. However, I'm going to give you the highlights.

There are three phases to the shift. Three is one of the most powerful numbers. It is used in spirituality in most of the belief systems on your planet. It represents the energy of "the catalyst." Catalyst is defined as an energy that promotes change in other things around it without itself being affected. The energy unaffected is the love of God, unchanged. The things around it that are being changed are Human consciousness and a shifting Earth.


The Great Shift began in 1987 with the Harmonic Convergence. The first part of that shift ended in 1999. It's important that you understand that this first portion of the shift included the galactic alignment. For the true galactic alignment energy began in the first phase of the shift. As my partner indicated, this astronomical alignment is not coming in 2012. It's already here. This is not esoteric information, but something that your astronomers will verify with their telescopes and computers. The ancients did their best, and a good estimate it was. But the 2012 date for the galactic alignment is incorrect.

There are those of you sitting in the chairs who know what I mean. These past 20 years have been remarkable for you, have they not? Look at what has taken place and the awakening and changes that have occurred... all without any prophesy that foretold of them. Those who walk this stage today were not interested in spiritual things 20 years ago. Oh, they may have been seekers, but they had no core, they had no center, they had no purpose. This includes the one who channels in front of you [Lee Carroll], and the ones that have channelled before me on this stage [Geoff Hoppe-Tobias]. Twenty years ago, they were all separate and unknown to each other, without any spiritual purpose. They had no idea what Kryon was or Tobias was. None at all. Their lives were those of men with careers and of an age where starting another passion wasn't something they would do. But they did, and it coincided with the Great Shift.

Remember, there is no such thing as predestined prophecy. God cannot tell you what's going to happen, for on this planet, humans are in charge. "If that's the case, Kryon, how can you tell us about a plan?" It is because these things I speak of are the potentials in front of us, generated by the consciousness of humanity. Therefore, what I give you is something we read into the consciousness of potentials. They are not predictions, but potential energies of what you are about to accomplish as you act upon the energy of the consciousness you have now. Much has happened in these 20 years, and it's part of the shift. Here was the plan from 1987 to 1999 - we told you the following things would take place:

Remember, as I speak to you now, this is history. But when I gave it to you in 1989, it was your future. The first thing that was at hand was moving the magnetic grid. That's why I came here. The grid group came in 1989 and left in 2002, and the grid was moved for the reasons I've been giving you and itemizing for 20 years. It was to build a matrix for a change in your DNA. This is, indeed, what happened, for the grid's magnetic field moved greatly in that time, and it has intersected with the magnetic field of your DNA elements. This overlap has transmitted information and energy and a new quantumization to your DNA, which has always been quantumly prepared for this.

The second item in this first phase was the voiding of the energy of Armageddon. Now, for those of you who think nothing happened, a great deal happened: This planet moved into another energy at that time. One of the largest political systems on the planet fell over and didn't come back, known as the Soviet Union. Again, we say to you there is no Nostradamus quatrain that predicted this, and that should tell you something. It changed the future greatly, yet no prophet called it. Something was happening that was out of synch with everything you had been told. This one event changed the future of a potential war that would never happen. The Armageddon scenario simply didn't take place. Look back at your prophesy, but clearly it said it would.

You began the construction of what we have called The Crystalline Grid. It has become an interdimensional real-time grid change for the planet. We have explained this before, so this is not the time to itemize what this means. But this esoteric quantum grid allows for the consciousness shift that you have today to be applied to the earth in real time. The old system had you dying and going to the Cave of Creation before anything could be applied to the Crystalline. However, now you do it while you're here at a quantum level.

One of the largest and most profound energies that is esoteric is karma. The ancients knew of it and spoke of it and taught it. The Buddhists knew, the Hindus knew. The system worked and is still in place today. But you don't need it within this new energy, and we said 20 years ago that you could void all of the karma that you came in with. Did you hear me? This is an old teaching of Kryon but some of you need to hear it again. There is no plan for you to come in and suffer. None. Again I ask, did you hear that? For some of you still are stuck in that groove, where you believe that the drama that surrounds you is something you came here to experience. You didn't! You came here to void it and become a Lighthouse for a new energy!

The Great Shift is part of the awakening that voids this karmic attribute. I told you this in the first Kryon book that you could move out of this karmic energy completely. "Then what did we come for?" Again, you came to change this planet, and you have! You came to spread light here, and you have! I pause on this attribute because it's important for you to hear it yet again. There is no stamp on you that says you have to accomplish this or that. We even told you that there was an astrology shift taking place. There had to be, for those of you who would think that the astrology cycle is static and forever are forgetting what creates the system at all.

Astrology is the oldest science on the planet, driven by magnetics and gravity - for these are the things that shift the positions of the planets around the sun and give energy to a magnetic and gravitational system, which is then brought to you personally via the heliosphere of the sun [the gravitational fulcrum of the solar system]. This then overlaps with the magnetic grid of the earth, which then overlaps with the magnetic attributes of your DNA. So when you change even one of those attributes, suddenly the computations and components of the system of astrology also shift with it.

When you moved the magnetic grid of the planet in the first phase, the astrology charts of humanity also moved slightly. There has been a redistribution of a total of three degrees in the chart. This is not a three-degree shift in the chart, but rather it means that the houses have reshaped themselves of a total of three degrees... half a degree perhaps in one house, half a degree in another and another. Some them got bigger and some of them got smaller. So if you are here as an astrologer and you want to know more, you're going to have to do some homework. Work with overlays to see what is actually happening now in lives, as opposed to what the old charts say should be happening. This can resolve the issue with time and work, so you can actually see in real time what the energies are, compared to what they should be. The result should reshape the houses. Pay special attention to Jupiter, and those houses that are affected by Jupiter. It is one of the major players in the new energy.

The last one in the first phase: A change in the weather. We told you 20 years ago about this. We said there would be places on the earth that used to grow crops that would no longer grow crops. We said some areas that never grew crops now would. What does that tell you is happening? It is a major change in the water cycle of the planet, and it has begun. "Kryon, why is the weather changing? What spiritual aspect is that?" You do not give yourself credit for the enormous energy you have as humanity. For you've sped up the vibration of the planet even past what the Mayans said you would do. To the geologic core, time is moving faster. But to you it is relative and staying the same. Do I have to ask how many of you intuitively feel time is speeding up? You know it is, and the earth feels it. You are now experiencing weather that you would not have had for a hundred years or more, and the eternal clock of the earth has sped up. We have explained this before, and what it means. We have told you about the phrase you have placed on it (global warming) and how that is actually happening, but not known is that it is a precursor to a cooling cycle. Those are the attributes of phase one.


Phase two is from the year 2000 to 2012. Phase one was the construction of the bed of energy to create what phases two and three may accomplish. Phase two is the one you're in. Would you like to know what you're doing? [Kryon smile] The first one is the most difficult one. You have to understand this. My partner, go slow, for this is difficult [Kryon speaking to Lee].

When you have Human consciousness expecting something for more than a thousand years, there is an energy that builds up on the actual planet. It's not just of conscious expectation, but also it involves Gaia. Consciousness can manifest reality, and until 1987 you expected massive Earth shift about now. You looked at the Mayan work and did not see the revelation they had, but the misinterpreted horror you thought they gave you. You saw the end of the world, and that expectation lies on the planet like a blanket. There was much doom prophesy about the year 2000, and an energy of expectation that even the Gaia shared. The first thing that you're doing in this phase is to void Earth shift. The prophets will still tell you it's going to shift! Many scientists will tell you it's going to shift. All the old programming of a thousand years is telling you it's going to shift. But I will tell you this: The concentrated light from a group as small as this audience will keep it from shifting! For even this much light in the darkness of that potential will shift that doom potential. That's number one... and, by the way, you are doing it. What happened in 2000? Think. Nothing. Now the doomsters have moved their focus to 2012, and again you can fear if you wish... or change it.

Next: A rewriting of what you think is the word contract. This is very esoteric, for it refers to the thinking that Human Beings come in with what they think is a spiritual contract. Mostly, this is created from karma, but often it's also something in the DNA that shouts to you why you're here. Let me rewrite the concept of contract right now. I'll do it for this new energy, and I'll use a question and answer method: