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Was Only One Kind Of Human?

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, Scientists have recently found skeletons of a hobbit-like species of human that grew no larger than a three-year-old modern child. The tiny humans, who had skulls about the size of grapefruits, lived with pygmy elephants and Komodo dragons on a remote island in Indonesia 18,000 years ago. They have determined that these belong to a species of Humans completely new to science, now named Homo floresiensis, after the island on which it was found.

Didn't you say that there was only one kind of Human?

ANSWER: Dear one, I told you that there were many kinds of Humans many years ago, and that they all stopped developing except the kind you see now. This discovery is simply validation of what I have told you. Here is an example of a completely different kind of Human, and one that does not exist now. There were as many as 17 kinds at one time, but they all went into extinction except you.

There is nothing else like this in earth's evolution, [that a species has no variety] and that is what we were pointing to when we spoke of these things. Is it a coincidence? Don't you find it strange that you are the only mammal that has this situation (who is alive by the billions)? We have brought this to your attention many times so that you might start to look around at these seemingly odd attributes of Humanity when compared to “the way things are supposed to biologically work” on the planet.


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