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What Exactly Are The 144,000?

Dear Kryon, what exactly are the 144,000? In the Bible, Jehovah Witnesses use the term to let us know that only 144,000 Jehovah witnesses will be saved, etc.

Does it make sense to you that in an earth of over 6 billion Humans, that only a fraction of those would be saved from eternal damnation? How does that play into the infinite love of God? However, If it serves those who believe it to do so, then honor their free choice. They are looking for the same divine answers that you are. However, at some point “spiritual common sense” has to also be honored for you to perhaps consider an alternate:

The number 144,000 is a metaphor for energy of spiritual ascension. It is 12 times 12,000. This, of all things, should give you the answer. Our discussions of the twelves is legendary and will not be repeated here. You will see this number in many places. It isn't a literal number of Humans or entities, or days, etc. It is instead a “pointer” to you of what certain energies are on the planet, and the sacredness of them. It is especially pertinent to the new Crystalline Grid energies, and what is taking place in this new energy.

After all this time, it's now more important than ever to understand that much of channelling and scripture is given in metaphor form. The reason should be obvious now that we are beginning to broach the interdimensionality of your essence, your matter, and your spiritual structure. You live in 4D, and the universe around you is in 12D and beyond. Anything out of 4, however, is a mystery. Time is not time, and reality is multi-layered. Past, present and future are combined, and there is no linearity. Therefore spiritual information is often given in numerical energetic code. Your DNA has the same thing, as someday you will see.


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