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What Information Do I Most Need To Know

The question I'd like to ask is, what information do I most need to know?

The thing you need to know right now is how to create an energy around you that keeps you balanced and joyful, no matter what's happening in your life or the world. Can you see things in a sacred light? Can you send light to the places that need it the most, allowing for free choice? Or do you wallow in the drama of the politics? The biggest thing that you're learning right now is how to become interdimensional in these things. Learn to see appropriateness... the overview... and to then get to work and send the light to the most needed places on Earth - the Middle East, Africa, and the places of leadership and government. Send them light with spiritual integrity, not bias. Illuminate their areas, giving them a better choice to see things they never saw before. Be as the lighthouse that stands on the rock and helps to steer the ships into a safe harbor. Don't take sides. Don't judge the belief system of the ships. Just hold the light and anchor. Let Spirit do the rest.


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