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What is the function of the current pope?

What is the function of the current pope? What role did he play in the end of communism, and why is he still alive? To me, he seems to be part of the old energy: a reactionary and a chauvinist.

Dear one, this pope is the last of a lineage of old-energy spiritual leaders. Although he indeed carries this old mantle, which includes an apparent chauvinistic attitude of his age and culture, he is also a bridge to what is to come, which began to really show itself after the end of communism. First, he is the only pope to come to an understanding of the fact that what he represents [his church] is changing drastically. This brought him to a place where he not only apologized to the peoples of earth for the Spanish Inquisition, but also asked for forgiveness for what took place regarding the Vatican and its position during the Holocaust. No pope has ever done these things. It opens the door to the fact that the church is fallible, and that is a large step for any pope. He's also aware that he's the last one of his kind, and he's holding on to this as long as he can.

He won't be with you much longer, but things are not ready just yet for the new one who is coming. The timing will be within the next four years (or sooner if things move quickly), and it will be obvious why. The new pope will eventually represent a large change in the Catholic Church, and will create much upheaval within the ranks. The church must come to grips with a real changing consciousness on the planet, and prune itself of old energy practices, as well as an image that, increasingly, is not anything the new generation is interested in.

Honor this man. He has walked a tightrope of tradition versus new thinking. He's told you that there is no such thing as heaven or hell, yet he did it in a way that would not go against hundreds of years of church doctrine that says the opposite. He asked forgiveness of Galileo's family 300 years after the fact, yet did it in a way that didn't make the other popes appear to be wrong. This truly is a man who “knew” he was the last of the old popes, and he's tried to bring the church's energy to a place where it would be more prepared for what was coming. He didn't tackle the hardest problems, which are now on his doorstep. He knows better. It will be taken care of by the next pope, a younger one whom history may call “the evil pope.” Not “evil” in the sense of being ungodly, but evil in the sense that he will go against the grain of tradition and history. He will make waves, just like the prophet they worship did. Jesus the Jew was known by the Essenes as the “wicked priest.” It was because he went against all Jewish tradition, and empowered those around him.

Think about it.


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