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What is the role of drugs?

Dear Kryon, Although I haven't read a lot of metaphysical material, the bits I have, which talk about many Human/Earth issues, don't raise or mention the subject of drug usage in our society. What is the role of drugs, and why do they play such a big role in our society? How can I explain both to students and users how they fit into the bigger scheme of things (or not)?

Like everything else on the planet that's life altering, the drug use in any society plays an energy part that's appropriate. Some call it the tempter. In any good screenplay, there's often the choice of giving away one's power to Earthly desires, or to the integrity of what is seen as correct and good. This is a classic story.

What we're saying is that your tests would never be good ones if these things didn't exist. So, indeed, it plays an appropriate and correct part of Earth's cycle of choices. The choice of light and dark is often muddied with desire. Such is the way of things, and of the complexity of choice.

The good news is that for every choice that would create a life of addiction and sorrow, there is power available to solve it. There is no temptation given to man that does not also have a solution of equal power on the same divine selection tray. The Human who lifts himself out of the darkness is the one who will shine a light that's brighter than the others. Then you begin to understand why the test is the way it is.

Blessed are the Humans who co-create healing for the substances that enslave them and spoil their health. For this will often be the lighthouse that leads many others to the safe harbor of solution and reconciliation in the harmony of life.


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