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What Lee are doing isn’t nice

Kryon came as a call to the light, not to make you money. Kryon left; he’s gone, and has been for several years. What you (Lee) are doing isn’t nice.

I’m open to discussing this criticism and do not judge you for this comment. But since you asked, I now get an opportunity to answer fully.

I ask everyone around me to measure the energy they feel when I channel. If Kryon is gone, then nothing would happen. If Kryon is gone, then those who see and feel energy would know it. Instead, the energy has increased, and in some of our meetings we’ve actually had healing miracles. The United Nations group, who came to judge this very thing last year, has once again asked me to return and channel Kryon in September 2004.

So I say this to all of you: You’ve had 15 years of information to look at as a measure of the Kryon energy. You also know I can’t create it myself. Therefore, when you read the new material or sit in a Kryon channelling, be your own judge. See for yourself if the love of God is still there in a strong manner. Many have reported that not only is Kryon still here, but the power of his messages is even greater and more detailed now that the grid is settled. I continue to channel Kryon for thousands all over the world. They see him and feel the love of God during each session. This would be tough to fake for an engineer (my former profession).

As for just making money, I’d love to have the author of the question spend some time in my shoes, because I think there might be some revelations about a lot of things. It’s common knowledge that of the 12 Kryon books, we self-publish 8 of them. This means that we have to be our own bank. Each time there’s a reprint or a new release, we fund it ourselves. We have a publishing company to support, with an office, employees, vendors, and monthly advertising. Yet even though we do spiritual work, we never ask for money, and there is no place on our Website to donate anything. We also try to keep the commercial separate from the spiritual, and for those who have noticed, we don’t shout about new products on our home page, nor can you purchase anything there. Our Website is set up so that if you wish to purchase anything from it, you have to find the store section, then hit still another button to get there.

I make my living in this way, just like most people must. If my work doesn’t stand up, then I will fail. If the energy of the books and seminars isn’t good, then my pocketbook will show it. This is the way I like it. It keeps me in integrity, and makes my journey as much as a day-by-day financial experience as many of you have.


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