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Kryon tells us that this transition is significant. Not only that, but we are leaving old energy behind, and there are all kinds of things to think about in the process. Will there be issues we haven't thought of? How long will it take to see anything different? What is the time frame of all this? These are beginning explanations.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

So it is that this particular message would be the one that is published first in 2021. There would be those who would be listening now, who would say, “Well, now that the marker has been passed of 2020, what's next?” This is the Human Being speaking who is always looking forward and never back, who doesn't usually stop and look around, who always wants to measure energy by what's coming instead of what was or what is. So we're not going to go there just yet. Instead, we're going to say to you, “I want you to stop and look at what you've done.” For in order to look forward, you must understand what's behind you. What is behind you is the conquering of an old energy, above and beyond what any of the prophecies ever said you would be able to do.

Kryon Timing

For those who haven't put it together yet, my arrival in 1989 was a precursor for the potentials that we saw were in place for this very day. Had you not changed the consciousness of the planet, had you not marked your territory by the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, I would not be channelling with my partner today. He would have a different life, for I would never have presented myself to him as I did. I told him early on that if he chose not to take the mantle that I offered, there were others who would. So the point is that you created an energy that allowed me to enter and begin the teaching to humanity through a Human Being.

I didn't create anything by arriving here, dear ones. You're the ones who decided to cook this meal. I'm simply one of the ingredients. I want you to look around figuratively at what you've accomplished and what you've gone through. You have been slogging through some of the oldest energy that existed on the planet. You have been taking light and throwing it against darker things that had no integrity, taking light and throwing it against judgment and drama, and you have been doing this for 18 years, by the way.

Oh, some of you say, “I've been doing it longer than that, Kryon!” Indeed, but the last 18 years were the ones foretold as part of the Galactic Alignment. This alignment is more than an alignment in the sky, dear ones. When your sun aligns fully with the earth and the center of the galaxy, you're looking at creation. This alignment is a marker that is energetic, not just something that the astronomers knew as the precession of the equinoxes, or that the Mayans told you about through their calendars, or that fractal time computations gave you. This is a time known by the Universe and what you've done around it.


Now all begins to change, and the first thing that happens is what we're going to call release. You have to understand that Spirit moves slowly, and especially within the time frame of how fast consciousness is able to change on the planet - that's you. So there's no clock or timeline that Spirit has given you, except a framework of the next 18 years while your planet continues to precede through what is called the Dark Rift, which is the Milky Way. Within those 18 years, there's a profundity of potential that you will be able to “plant the seeds of new consciousness” that will indeed grow quickly in future times.