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What Spiritual "Empaths" and "Catalysts" might Learn From Each Other

Let me begin by saying I believe we ALL have varying degrees of empathic and catalytic qualities.

I believe we ALL have varying degrees of empathic and catalytic qualities. Perhaps then, there are some things someone with more empathic qualities can learn about their gift from someone with more catalytic ones? (and vice versa). Perhaps, for example, there's something a "catalyst" naturally does, which is inherent to their nature, that an "empath" can also develop? And perhaps by opening to more empathic qualities, a "catalyst" can have a more sensitive effect on the field That's the purpose of this exploration I invite you to join...

How the catalyst might help the empath

Firstly, let me begin by saying I think it's essential we don't fixate on the idea of being a "this" or a "that", an "empath" or a "catalyst". The risk is to create identity around the term, which can limit ones ability to respond authentically to the flow. In extreme cases, the labels could lead to oppressor or victim mentalities, which would clearly serve us to avoid. That said, I find the terms can still be of value, providing we don't fixate and form identities around them (for the rest of the article, the terms "empath" and "catalyst" will be used in quotes, so as to refer more to the relevant qualities).

A person with more empathic qualities is someone who can - and naturally does - take on the feelings and emotions of others as their own. It means they can literally feel what another is feeling. But this gift can become exceptionally challenging until it's properly developed and integrated. In taking on the emotions, thoughts and feelings of those around you, and society, you become awash with convoluted energy that can batter you around like a small sailing boat in a storm. It can raise high levels of anxiety and fear, a frequent fight/flight mechanism, which can at times, be challenging to live with.

But it needn't be like this. There is a solution. There is mastery of one's gift, of one's art.

Personally, these days, I find have both catalytic and empathic qualities, but with a tendency more to the catalytic. When I sit with people, where given to, I can literally feel what's going on inside their field. I can feel their blockages and see intuitively reflections of their karma; I can see entities and implants. The field is awash with this density - people's fields generally are. And I can see that if I couldn't switch this gift off, then I could potentially take the world upon my shoulders, and have it 'tidal wave' through my emotions.