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What Will Heal You Completely?

Dear Kryon, I have multiple sclerosis (MS), and I've been a Lightworker for 18 years. I have given my intent and had EMF, but still nothing other than a little symptom relief has occurred. Can you help me know what will heal me completely? I've always believed that we're creative beings who can create our healing. I seem to be lost when working on myself. I've been thinking the words “I am healed” and “I love myself,” as I've taught others to say. I need your help. I'm lost, and we've spoken directly, but I need your words now, please.

I have a 23-year-old daughter with cerebral palsy. I've read, and have come to believe, that there are no accidents, and that we choose our basic circumstances before arriving here. My daughter doesn't buy that. She says she would never have chosen to be unable to walk. Who's right?

ANSWER #1: Both of you are correct. She chose her condition, but she also chose to come to Earth at a time when it could be changed. It's no accident that she's here with this condition, and no accident that she's here now, when such new possibilities are before her.

Encourage her to change her biology. Energies are being developed on this planet that will marry with her intent. Each path is different, but no creature of God was sent here to suffer. They were instead sent here to discover what they could do.

ANSWER #2: Dear one, there are some things that have been given to you in this lifetime that are so much a part of you that only a compete life shift will change them. It's eventually up to you to learn far more about yourself than if you can just heal. Have you cleared the past? Have you told God that no matter what happens, you're fine with it? Have you really taken care of your spirituality? It's time to work on the whole Human.

You're frustrated that you're only getting what you call “symptom relief,” yet for you, the fact that you got some relief at all is a sign that your cells responded and you can go further. Your cellular structure isn't stuck in the MS mode! But now it's time to turn from the physical and take care of the other parts of you that aren't working fully. This message is given in love.


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