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Who to pray to...

Dear Kryon, I’m having trouble knowing “who” to pray to. Slowly over the years I’ve come to believe that we are all a “piece” of “God” and that the Human on Earth is only one of a “group.” You’ve told us that you are part of a “group.” There are angels like Michael and Gabriel, and masters like Jesus and Buddha, and I assume that they are “groups” as well. I know that we can confer with our Higher-Selves and our guides, but is there any one group or entity In charge? Is there a “Father”? Is the Universe a big democracy?

Your question not only shows intuition and wisdom, but also the limitation of what you have placed upon yourself, called duality. No matter what is explained, Humans wish to compartmentalize and build organizational charts around everything. This is a totally linear process, and doesn’t represent the reality of the way it is on the other side of the veil.

Take a large bowl of soup. It has organization, taste, matter, nourishment, and form. Yet there’s nobody in charge of the soup. Now you might say, “Sure, but there’s no consciousness in soup. It doesn’t have to think or make decisions and is not aware of itself.” You think not? Do you think all those molecules just happened to create themselves and organize themselves into intricate structures that combine in complex ways that are so involved that science doesn’t even understand them? Were you aware that even in something as simple as soup, there’s a plan, a system, and coordination? If so, then who’s in charge? Where’s the democracy? Who gives the orders?

What if, instead of a linear order of command, all the pieces had full knowledge of what the plan was, and without any interfacing, just fit into what they all know? Not only does soup do this, but so does the Universe and what you call God.

Yes, you are all pieces of the whole. But all the angels and other entities that have identified themselves through the ages, have this in common, also: They’re all reading from the same script . . . one that is one consensus, and that updates itself all together. This is like nothing you’ve ever experienced, so you can’t really imagine it. You’ve even built mythology around “wars in heaven” so that you could somehow justify why things were as they are, thinking that only a conquering energy could be a certain way. These Human actions are all about trying to linearize God.

Your DNA contains a divine code that says it all. You are divine, and also included in the “knowing” of this map. The closer you get to your own divinity, the more this is evident, and the greater your wisdom is. We’ve encouraged you to find the prophet inside, the rule book inside, and the compass of who you are and why you’re here. Critics say that this is also what serial killers have done, mocking the process as something that’s unbalanced and even evil. “Just think,” they say, “if everyone had their own rule book, it would be chaos!” Then they give you their rule book, often in full integrity, explaining what they say God wants you to do.

The truth is that this “rule book” is individual, but like the soup, it’s something that’s common to each molecule of the soup. So it’s the same script for everybody! It has to be, or what you call “nature” wouldn’t work at all. It’s the book that says that the “group” is all one family. The organization portion (explained for the benefit of your linear reality) is one that speaks of specialists. Some of your family is dedicated to working with the 4D interface between you and us (guides). Some of the family is dedicated to being angelic before you, and some, like me, are involved in your physics. But we’re all involved in the love of God, the support of humanity, and we’re all a group . . . your group . . . the family group called God.

Who should you pray to? Start turning inward. Instead of praying “to” anyone, start to understand the wisdom of where the power actually is. Then create what you need, apart from any thought of sitting there hoping that God might give you something - like a dog sitting patiently on the floor under the dinner table, hoping for a handout. It’s not that way! It’s the grace of your own existence, which is the essence of God on Earth, and which drives all creation. You are your own master, a fact hidden completely within the face of your duality. Join the group called God. Pray - not to a higher supreme being - but as a family member who’s writing home during the front line of a battle. You’re part of God, and are a family member. You’re also a Human Being, one of the few entities in the Universe who lives and works in a place where you can’t know the truth, since it would spoil the fairness of the test.

. . . And you wonder why we support you and love you so?


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