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Why don't you just give us the straight story?

Kryon, why do you so often talk about things in “metaphoric” terms, or by way of a “parable?” When you do this, you even say that there are layers of meaning, and “stories within stories.” Why don't you just give us the straight story? Are you hiding something? For example, I just read the channelling you gave on “Co-creation Explained - Singing in the Choir.” I am an intelligent and intuitive person, and the information was, for me, as clear as mud. There must be a reason you don't give the information clearly and directly, without metaphors or parables that require us to guess at what you really mean. What's the reason?

Let me begin by asking you this: Why is so much scripture the same way? All through history, God spoke to men through stories and parables. So when you ask that of the Kryon, you must also take in the whole question about all channelling and most scriptural writings.

Next, the thought that we might be hiding something is very funny. We are instead trying to reveal to you the secrets of life within a structure of your duality. The “straight story” would be incomprehensible! Rather than giving you something that is guaranteed to fall on the floor of your logic and intellect, instead we give you a rich texture of story telling within your own understanding and dimensionality. This allows those who decide to reach out beyond their understanding to “connect” using their own divinity. This is a very old concept and has been explained many times. We even gave you a channelling called “Explaining the Unexplainable.”

“Singing in the Choir” is a concept given to you which is out of your time and space. It is much like the Parable of the Prodigal Son, which was given in one spiritual dispensation, only to be understood in another. Even your profits of only 400 years ago used metaphors and puzzles to try and give you future concepts so that when the future arrived, you would be able to use them. Nostradamus spoke in numbered riddles!

What does “Singing in the Choir” mean? It means that there is a reality that goes far beyond what you see or that you can even begin to understand. It is multi-layered and responds to energies which you have not begun to study or that you feel do not even exist. It is the “way of God.” But it's also a reality which is YOU, only partially seen because of your duality (divine-men). If you begin to connect to your Higher-Self, who is a hidden YOU, but who knows everything, then you can use the unexplainable. The “Choir” speaks simply about a concept that is unexplainable…one that says everything is connected to everything, and responds to harmony of vibration. You cannot create alone. You must have the concept of trying to “fit in” with everything else and “find your harmonious note” to create a better life. You must discern the melody!

Meanwhile, if you understand the concept without the incomprehensible particulars, you can visualize yourselves within something that has not been revealed yet. You can be part of something that his years away from actual spiritual discovery… even using it intuitively.

So what would you really have us tell you when we channel? We try to place our information into the Human experience so that you can understand the concepts. However, If we gave you the “straight story,” as you indicated we should, it would be like explaining the workings of the internal combustion engine to an anteater… in words, language and concepts that are not even known yet… not even able to be conceived. Clear enough?

Being intelligent and intuitive is relative to your own Human experience in your own reality and spiritual development. Throughout recorded time, history was filled with intuitive, intelligent Humans who were moving from level to level of understanding. If we gave an electronic scientific calculator to an intelligent and intuitive Human in past history who hadn't discovered math yet, what would they do with it? If we gave the formula for real interdimensional physics to intuitive, smart Humans 600 years ago, what would they do with them? What would a society without the knowledge of electricity do with a transistor or a light bulb? Most likely they all would throw these things in the mud! This has to do with spiritual and consciousness evolution. These things come in layers of discovery over time. You love to believe that you are fully aware enough to understand anything. You love to believe that you are at the top of the knowledge chain. That simply isn't the case. You gave yourself these restrictions, to make this a test. Remember?

Therefore, our task is to give you stories on a level that you can understand, honoring the fact that you may have enough spiritual faith in the unknown to apply them even today. The parables are your “vehicle” of travel to places you cannot understand. You can use the metaphors to start the engine and go, just like the person who uses a vehicle without knowing how it works. Their reality is that when they move this way or that, something will happen, taking them places. Without any understanding of the physics of the inner workings of the complex vehicle, they go from place to place in comfort and speed.

But some don't want to do this. They instead wish to have the full schematic of the engine before they go anywhere. Therefore what is your “mud” is another person's spiritual revelation and life change. Something that helps to change the vibration of the planet itself.


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