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Why Don't More People See What You Are Saying?

Dear Kryon, if the New Age information is accurate and true and if these truths are as powerful as you say, why are so few involved? If it's a good thing, then wouldn't a lot more people see it?

You know why? It's because this information goes against current Human reality. Here is an example: Let me take you back a few years in medicine. There was an idea put forward that on your hands there were what I will call little creepy crawlers (that came out of my partner's mind). You couldn't see them, since they were invisible, and they carried disease. So it was put forward that you ought to sterilize everything you could to keep the creepy crawlers from getting onto other people when you touch them and when doctors operate on them - and it was funny! All the biologists and doctors laughed and laughed. Imagine such an idea! Invisible entities that you carry with you!

The word is germs, and then they found them. You can't see them, but they are all over your body. They're in your hair, on your skin, in your mouth! Then science realized what sterilization could do and why some of the things were taking place regarding infections. But this information was not intuitive. In fact, it was funny because it dealt with things you didn't know about and could not see. So where am I going with this? It takes a consciousness of believing something that does not occur intuitively for it to become reality. In fact, it goes against the grain of what you think is real and is laughable in the perspective of ignorance.

The Human is born into a spiritual reality that says they are small and are worth nothing. The paradigm of an old energy says you worship something bigger, since you are small and worthless. If you look around the planet, that is the reality of almost all spiritual belief.

You prostrate yourself in front of God, you kneel, you cry, you suffer, you climb steps, you do penance. You're not worthy. That is the energy of humanity. Is it any wonder that humanity is not attracted to something that teaches, "God is inside and you're beautiful and magnificent"? That's why. It's like the creepy crawlers on your hand. It doesn't make sense in the ignorance of the reality of the day. Right now, it's stupid and silly. But that's right now.

Those of you in the room who call yourselves Lightworkers are holding energy for this planet, and you know about the love of God in your life. You've been running against the grain for a long time, because the paradigm of most of humanity is not with you, and it hasn't been with you in the past, but this is changing.

Indeed, this belief system of yours is different, for it has no structure and there are no buildings to report to, nothing to belong to, and there's nothing to pay. It is simply a belief system that is personal and intuitive that says, "God is in me. I am magnificent, and my life changes the planet and what I do will change everything for the next generation." It's slow, dear one, because the energy of the solution of every puzzle you solve is a permanent energy that stays and changes the vibration of the planet. If you're still wallowing in the old puzzles, you haven't solved anything.

Those hearing and reading are part of the shift, for their attention to this very subject is solving puzzles in their lives. If you're sitting here, you're shifting the energy of the planet. Most people don't see reality as you do. They don't see the beauty or the magnificence. They're blind to the idea that a Human is as big as the Creator. There is no spiritual common sense that there may be a system that makes God a partner in your reality.

So this is why I am sitting here at your feet, and why this entourage is in this room holding your hands. It is because we know what you've done. We know where this is going, and the potentials are grand. But it's not going to happen overnight, and there may be some additional wars. There may be sorrow coming and, yes, there could be additional tsunamis and all manner of things as part of the recalibration of a planet that is going through the pains of a shift to a higher dimensional reality. That is what I told you 23 years ago and what I stick to this day. There'll come a time when my partner is gone where you can still hear and read these words. But even as you ponder that, he'll be back doing it again. He knows where he's going, because I've told him.

It's going to take two more full generations before you really notice what the Kryon work is talking about. But when you do, the planet will actually be on the way to having Planetary Peace Day, for the Earth will realize what they've done and celebrate a change of consciousness. There'll even be a flag for it. It's just the beginning.

Blessed is the Human Being who starts to understand and recognize the seemingly impossible - that the old paradigm of war, dissention, hatred, drama and confusion is not going to be the way of humanity forever. As the beauty of the love of God shows itself as a reality within your DNA, consciousness will slowly begin to change and spiritual evolution will begin to grow.

Now, go and do something with this. Live differently because of it. You're the only ones who can, old soul.

And so it is.


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