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Why the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings films have had the enormous response...

Dear Kryon, this may be frivolous, but could perhaps be interesting. I was wondering if there was a reason why the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings films have had the enormous response that they have had?

So you noticed this? Nothing is coincidental that is taking place now, not even the frivolous. These stories have to do profoundly with dark and light. They set a stage for profound choice, and define the light and dark very distinctly. They represent a desire at this time for all Humanity to “get off the fence” of complexity, and draw the line in the sand as to what is correct for Humans to exist together. It represents the desire of all Humanity to find that place where the enemy is clearly defined.

It also represents and acknowledges at a vary subtle level, unseen energies. It opens a box that has formerly been kept under the bed. Can Humans have unseen power? Is there such a thing as dark power.. even created by others on earth? What has in the past been relegated to mythology or evil spirits, is suddenly at the forefront as part of parables and allegories for your entertainment. It is also something that is seen in the parables as common. Those in the stories are simply “working” these energies instead of running from them and calling them “the devil.” Did you notice? In the stories, even the mystical has a good side. Indeed!

Many feel that this entirely new popularity of these stories is dangerous…a mark that the earth is falling from God. Others see it just the opposite… that it's about time to get these things out of the dark box of ignorance and see them for what they are. Then, when all is exposed, even in allegory, the discerning Human might understand that all is appropriate when it comes to spiritual growth and understanding. When the light is turned on, even the dark objects are seen. There are no more mysterious things hiding under the bed.

Use your own discernment when viewing these things, but understand they represent a canvas of Human experience, some which is myth and some which is not. What is real and what is not is the question, and the answers may surprise you.

It truly is your desire to battle the unseen powers in this age, and to have a glorious Human victory… something we have always told you was your potential. It's a battle between the old and the new. As so it begins.


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