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You don't have to see “things”

Dear Kryon, Would you please be so kind as to answer this question? I've always understood the concept of sending, projecting, and visualizing light. However, I'm having great difficulty actually seeing or visualizing this light. I have more of a “feeling” with this, and it ends up being a draining experience afterwards, both physically and emotionally. Can you tell me how to change this? Thank you so much.

Dear one, you don't have to “see” anything. The beauty is before you without it being visualized. Do you love your family? Perhaps your child? What does that “look” like? The answer is that there's no visualization of love. It projects from a place that's divine within you and you feel it. So “feel” the light within you, which is the love for humanity and the planet, and project that. There's no greater light than that which is this love. When done in this way, there's no drain. As you send your light, the jar will overflow... ready to be dispensed again.


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