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Ancient Alien Theory

'For those who've been tuning into the Openhand material regularly, you'll know that from time to time we're referring to an "Opposing Consciousness", one that has intervened with the natural human evolutionary process and has been essentially controlling society for it's own ends.

It's been a difficult subject to talk about openly because of the incredible volume of historical disinformation that's either burying the evidence or else 'spin doctoring' it to present particular sanitised viewpoints. Society does not want us to know the accurate picture, because once full disclosure of what's really going on unfolds in the collective consciousness, it will metaphorically turn how we live our lives 'on its head'. It will have an accelerating effect on human consciousness that could no longer be controlled by the 'powers-that-be'...

Multi dimensional expansion

For me, my view on what's really going on literally exploded around the events of a car crash, during which, my awareness was suddenly expanded into multi-dimensional states. I was able to see and read the deeper meaning behind events and circumstances, how everything was interconnected and had a natural underlying consciousness flow. Furthermore, I could suddenly observe, sense, intuit, feel and simply know, many of the intervening and blocking influences that go on within mind and body. This multi-dimensional insight has provided the impetus and catalysis to help people who've come to the Openhand work by dissolving away distorting internal blockages and unfolding more authentic aspects of beingness.

Our purpose is to help people ascend into who they truly are. But we've had to be intricately careful on the information we've shared about how such limitation happens in the first place, the last thing that would have helped is to have closed skeptical minds early in the process. When I've mistakenly presented too much information too early on, that's been exactly the effect. It has retarded evolution rather than accelerating it. Perhaps that offers a degree of insight into the difficulty of the subject! But what's beginning to happen now within the work, is that people are opening up much more quickly, they're becoming able to sense and intuit the blocking energy themselves, so they know it's real.

Furthermore, the effect of the catalytic-consciousness-activation is taking people directly into past life karma. This is where it gets extremely interesting. Not only does processing karma greatly accelerate our unfolding, but it reveals the various extra terrestrial 'interplays' that have happened throughout human history.

Early advanced civilsations

For example, it begins to reveal advanced civilisations on earth that existed thousands of years before current archeology will acknowledge - it confirms the existence of 'legends' such as Lemuria and Atlantis. People have direct experience of DNA engineering that has downgraded humanity and of implants that currently limit them. 'Star-souls' relive and experience essences of life in other star constellations and recall Ascension processes that have broken such alien limitations before - the intervention of Opposing Consciousness stems right back to the formation of our Galaxy. It is our 'Galatic Karma'.

Right now is an extremely exciting time to be alive, because with the explosion of human consciousness going on, people all across the world are beginning to challenge the existing view on life and it's happening in so many different areas.

The hidden code

Take for example the Human Genome work. We're reading more and more of the hidden code buried within our DNA. How is it that such sudden and radical changes happened literally over night and within ALL humans? It simply blows apart the currently accepted Darwinian theories of how life evolved on this planet. And why for example does the Human configuration contain many genes that can't be located anywhere else on earth? Why is it that we have literally thousands of genetic 'coding errors' when we're supposed to be so evolved and advanced? We can expect much greater light to emerge on this in the years ahead (Openhand's new project Divinicus to be launched in September 2014 is set to do this).

There's incredible archeological structures that are being found such as Yonaguni off the coast of Japan, sunk during the melting of the last Ice Age some 12,000 years ago. And the pyramids that exist in many locations around the world. How do you cut 200 tonne stone blocks, cut them precisely to fit, and lift them many feet into place? With sticks and strings? It's farcical! What's being revealed in pioneering and ingenious work, is that by reversing the magnetic polarity within the stone molecules through the projection of an harmonic frequency, you can produce a magnetic repulsion effect with the earth's polarity which simply levitates the rocks. Stretches the imagination a touch doesn't it!

in any case, what were those pyramids actually used for? As burial chambers for the Pharaohs? Are people really supposed to believe that! Why is is that two chambers found in the Great Pyramid at Giza point exactly to Orion and Sirius? And why are people coming forwards with past life experiences from those constellations? In my knowing, the Pyramids hold a vital key to the history of the intervention that's happened and what's currently going on right now.

The lid is lifting off

But as with all our work, we feel it is vital to empower people at the right time and in the right space so that they know the realisations are their own truth and not those of someone else. The lid on human consciousness is now beginning to lift. Powerful inflows of the 'Christ Consciousness' (not to be confused with the religion) are activating evolutionary powers of non judgmental discernment - breaking apart the conditioning and helping souls liberate themselves from limiting behaviours - just as has happened to ascending civilisations through the eons.

So we're feeling strongly to introduce this new material in the months and years ahead. We can't stop it anyway, as soon as we sit down to meditate with people it simply starts flowing! The timing feels appropriate.

You might feel to begin to investigate some of the key issues yourself, especially around ancient civilisations, early technologies and architecture, the human genome project and alien disclosure. It's starting to emerge in the mainstream now anyway. But I advise proceeding with great care and discernment. Many wild and whacky, deceiving and delusional ideas are abound. And in my observation at least, there are none more distorting than within spiritual circles and communities. That's where this Opposing Consciousness is working hardest, within awakening minds because that's what it fears most. So when you read or hear new material, my advice would be similar to that of the Buddha -

Believe it only if it truly resonates in your consciousness and activates your own truth. Cast aside speculation. A reality only truly expands you when you know it in your heart.

So here below is an extended thread of comments, views and video to stimulate your thinking.



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