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The New Energy

This channel is meant as the partner channelling to the one below. It is the natural continuation of Kryon's message about the shift. But this one tells us that we are finally in the shift, and begins to enumerate the changes we will see, and the new tools we will have.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. This is the greeting you have heard for more than 19 years. Before that time, there was no greeting. Before that time, there was no evidence that such a thing could be with the magnetic master [Kryon] coming to this planet to speak to you as I do now. Oh, there were those who channelled Kryon before my partner and they were the forerunners and are greatly blessed. Some of them are now on the other side of the veil, for they knew the energy of the magnetic master and they saw in their wisdom the potential of this day. One of them even introduced me to my partner! [Lee] But none had the potential of the 11:11.

For 19 years, this is the voice that has greeted you. And in this time, there has been growth and wisdom and clarity to bring you a message like we bring today. It has always been in the ability of free choice for the Human Being to claim the potential of this day. Oh, we saw the potential, but we didn't know if you'd accomplish it or not. So this message is given to you at this time to give you an inkling of what has transpired in the transition of energies between 2021 and 2022. You might say it is the follow-up information given in 2022 that we could not give you in 2022. You might say then, it is the new information of what you have created with your free choice.

A Short Review

Let us present a linearity to you. Going back in time, here is a review of what we said recently, given especially for those who are reading and listening. For it was not that long ago we gave you the message that the transition you see right now between 2021 and 2022 is a transition that is numerological from nine to one. For even the simplest of numerology computes 2021 as a nine and 2022 as a one. The nine and the one together, back to back, create a situation that only happens each decade.

In the last channel, we told you that this situation should have shouted to you that it might be different, and that perhaps you should have looked for special energy. However, many didn't. We told you in the last channel that the learning of spiritual attributes is not linear. That is to say, it does not follow the paradigm you might expect. We told you that what you expect is that as learning grows, the “knowledge jar” fills up slowly. But if we told you that there'd come a time when the jar would be empty for a moment or two, and that all of it would be taken away from you in order to refill the jar with something even beyond what you had learned, you'd say, “Well, that doesn't make sense.” That's because you don't understand the non-linear fashion of the way learning takes place spiritually. Is it a puzzle? Yes. So we ask for you to absorb this.

Here are the facts in review: This information is now your past. The last four months have not been pleasant. To some of you, it seems that the very essence of your core spiritual truths have been withdrawn. Things were not going as they should have. Some of the tools you used simply to maintain sanity in a thick energy were withdrawn. Some of the things you really count on, such as a sweet countenance, non-judgmental personality and the wisdom of the ages... gone. Shamanic wisdom was not there when you needed it. We even mentioned it is the fact that your culture celebrates the holidays at this time and that family comes together. This made things worse. I think some of you know what I mean, for relationships with extended family often require wisdom. What a time for your wisdom to be withdrawn! For wisdom creates a situation where you are able to hold your tongue at the right time, and perhaps some of you didn't? This was a withdrawal, and it was felt by many.

We told you in the last channel that as 2022 progressed, especially into the middle of the month of January, that these things would start to be replaced and enhanced. And so it is this channel that will go into a simplistic explanation of the enhancement of the new energy. Let me tell you what some of them are. I'm going to itemize with great joy some of the things that these Human Beings in this room, listening to this, reading this, have wanted for so long. This is the year for it... 2022, new beginnings.

The New Energy

My partner stood on a stage in Israel many years ago, where I gave him information for those who spoke Hebrew and Arabic in the room. Many had cried out and asked, “When will things change?” I gave my partner the information that he was to state on stage for all to hear: Not until 2022 would Israel and humanity in general start to see a shift. Finally, some of you will understand this and why it was spoken so many years ago. The potential was always here. The transition from nine to one was always there. We foretold this and gave hints of the potentials along the way and some of you caught it and some of you did not. Now, here you sit in the middle of it. There are new tools. There are enhancements, and the beauty of this message is that it is not just for Lightworkers. The earth is shifting, if you've noticed.

Understanding the Chaos

Number one: Many of you are now going to start to make sense of what formerly was chaos. That is to say, the very way that Spirit works with Humans on this earth, which has seemed chaotic, which has seemed accidental, is now going to start to make sense. It will make sense in a way that will make you more comfortable as you count on the answers coming as you need them. It is truly a shift of dimensional thinking. You will begin to have an understanding in your mind in a way you cannot justify in 3D of what is taking place. What this means to you is that you're going to be a lot more comfortable in your skin. Even those of you who call yourselves Lightworkers, those of you who call yourselves metaphysical will start to see the planning. You will start to see the potentials, and will start to see how chaos isn't chaos.

That's a gift, for up to this point, it has been very tough in a three-dimensional state for you to make any sense at all out of the answers that were coming your way. Blessed are the Humans who have sat through this learning all of these years and have had such faith! My partner has given you a phrase: 3D shouts and faith whispers. And what he means by that is that your reality, that which you expect, that which you were taught, that which is everything you are, shouts at you. But the ways of Spirit, the seeming chaos in that interdimensional space of non-understanding, whispers. And so what happens is 3D always wins. It drowns out the little voice of the whispering that says, “Listen to the love of God.” So what we're telling you is this, dear ones, that the shouting of the 3D is going to start being reduced. The concepts are going to become more equal and you're not going to have quite as much trouble in the transition. That's number one.

Self-Esteem for Lightworkers

Number two is something you probably didn't expect and something you probably didn't even know. I will give you an axiom. The ones with the lowest self-esteem on this planet are the Lightworkers. Did you know that? And the ones with the lowest are often the healers! Perhaps you wouldn't expect that, since these are the ones who are in touch with Spirit. These are the ones who have the gifts. But they often sit in an energy that does not support them, and when a Human Being sits constantly in an energy that is uncomfortable, they are uncomfortable. The 3D-ness of their personality is affected, and self-esteem is part of that.

As we have said before, we know who you are. You may carry your head up high, but we also know what you do when you're alone. We know what you think when you're alone. We've heard your cries, “Why me? Is this ever going to be solved? Will my family ever understand? Will my partner ever understand?” I'm going to tell you something that's going to happen in the new energy, for it is finally shifting. It's going to be the great equalizer. It's slow, dear ones. It's not going to happen overnight, but this is the beginning of it. This is much of what you've been waiting for, Lightworker. The self-esteem of the Lightworker is going to start to come up to the magnificence of what it represents. That's because they're not going to be in an energy anymore that is against them. It's going to be an energy that supports them.

Slowly, many of you will begin to feel it, where Gaia and you are aligned for the same purpose, the potential of peace on Earth. Look for this everywhere, and the first to feel it will be the Lightworkers and healers. I challenge you to celebrate. I challenge you to build a statue somewhere for the energy that is shifting that you are done with! Now, that's going to be counterintuitive to everything Humans do, for they only build statues when something bad happens. Maybe it's time to shift that consciousness. Why don't you make a memorial to what you have accomplished in some way and celebrate it? At least blow up a balloon somewhere! [Laughter] Oh, Lightworker, do you understand what I'm saying? You've come of age. 2022 is a one, and this is a new beginning. You're going to start receiving the support you've always wanted and worked for.

Seeing the Bigger Picture

Number three: You're going to start seeing the bigger picture, and it's about time. Picture this: The attributes of learning and spiritual path walking in the old energy had you clueless and in the dark. Until you reached that place where you needed help, nothing happened. That's the place at which you were delivered the solution. That is the map that is talked about in that fable called, The Journey Home, channelled for my partner many years ago. Expect that “map” to change. The bigger picture has you seeing beyond the problem. The bigger picture puts you in a situation that is more non-linear, and that is to say that you are less constricted by the timeline from past to future. You will be more comfortable seeing into the now, for the now is an energy that does not honor or respect linearity of time. The solutions that are going to come to you in the future are going to be more expected. They're going to make more sense to you than what you have seen in the past, because you are seeing a bigger picture. These concepts of which I give you now are advanced and some of you do not understand them and may very well wish to listen or read this again. If I had to summarize it, I'd say that the Lightworker is going to be more comfortable with himself and his relationship to time.

Alternate Healing Becomes More Main Stream

Number four: Healer, stand back, because the things that you have are about to be enhanced. Oh, it may take awhile, but I will tell you that the things that are the most spooky to those who do not believe in what you're doing will become more mainstream. Expect science to be developed behind energy work. Expect those to come to you from places you didn't expect, because what you have works! When this starts to happen, you can say, “Yes, I see it happening!” And when you do... blow up a balloon, please! [Laughter] Celebrate it. Oh, dear ones, I'm telling you that when you celebrate, you acknowledge to Spirit that these things are happening. It's like you are acknowledging the things you didn't expect, but knew were there. That's becoming interdimensional. Faith becomes reality, and healing will be easier.

Now, for the non-healer, want to heal yourself? Is that why you're here? Is that why your eyes are on the page? Is that why your ears are here in the chair? Is that it? Is that why you came? This is the energy for you. It's not an accident you're here, for the things you've been told that you can do are yours, this moment and this day. I want you to acknowledge them. Celebrate your healing and know that it is yours. Turn back the DNA to the time before the disease was there, before the problem was there. See it as pristine and pure; understand the non-linearity of healing that is not time dependent. Is it possible to rewind the DNA? Yes. There are those who have been doing it in this room for some time. They know.

What I'm saying is that these things are going to be easier. Why? Because the energy of the age is upon you. Because the magnetic grid has been postured since 2012 for this very thing and now it is yours. “Oh, Kryon, when will these things begin to happen?” I'm saying they're beginning now, but you won't see all of these things all at once. You're going to see them as you work them. Let it be known that no Human Being can sit back on his heels and wait for the miracles of God to fall in his lap. The part of the issue here is that the Lightworker is going to be asked to get up and push on the doors. Find the synchronicity that works the system and claim the new energy that is upon you.

Connection to the Higher-Self

Number five: It's going to be easier to connect to the Higher-Self. Isn't it about time? There are many celebrating angels right now, and they're singing a magnificent song. I wish you could hear it. The choir is amazing, and there is nothing like the interdimensional voices, notes that cannot be heard by the Human ear, light that corresponds with them in frequencies too high to be measured, and sound so high it melds into the colors of light itself. And if you could hear the songs they're singing! Listen. Listen to the lyrics! Oh, your name is there, and it's your angelic name, the one you have that is forever and is not your Human one. What they are celebrating is that you have brought this about, dear Human Being, an age that was not predicted, an age that no prophet told you would occur, and there's so much evidence that you're sitting in it.

I say again, where is that Armageddon you expected? I say it again, where's the doom and gloom that all said was going to be upon you? I say it again, where is all of that negativity? Oh, there'll be challenges, there always are. I will enumerate some of them for you in a moment, but you've lifted yourself out of an old energy that you've been in for thousands of years and you put upon this earth an energy that no one expected. And the light that you have created has been done so by less than one-half of one percent of the Human race. That's how powerful it is. If you're listening to this message and you have no idea what is taking place, let me tell you this: This is not an elitist message. It's not just for the esoteric people. There's no judgment of you and I know who you are, too. You are as loved as any family member. Why don't you look at this? See if it's for you. You don't have to, because it's free choice, but there has been a beautiful thing happening on this planet, and that's what I'm talking about today.

The Relationship to God

Number Six: You're going to feel much, much more comfortable in your Lightworker skin than you've ever felt before. A relationship with Spirit is going to seem brotherly, sisterly. It's no longer going to be God and Human Being if you want it to change. This is going to require that some of you are going to channel. Are you ready? Oh, not out loud perhaps. As I've said before, it could be channeling of your Higher-Self, just for you. Don't be afraid of this. The words my partner uses are a channelling of “you with you.” Don't be afraid of the love of God in your life. Don't be afraid of transition in your life. Everyone sees change as so frightening, but what if it's a solution to your problems? Is that OK with you? Think of massive positive change.

The Challenges of This New Beginning

Now let me bring you an itemization of some of the things that will come with the others, which are perhaps challenging in their own ways and different… even a proclamation of a new energy attribute that will change my partner's life.

Too Much Light

The light that you have you cannot contain any more and this will start to be seen. Just when you thought it was safe! [Laughter] As long as you held that edge, right? You can't hold it any more. Human Beings will know what you're into and they'll know what you're doing. Remember, we told you of this day. We told you of the battles between the light and the dark; we told you that there would be those who would not accept what you have. Watch for this, for there will be more around you who will not accept what you have, and it just comes with the territory.

You can't have spiritual power and the light that changes lives without it being noticed. No matter how silent or humble you are, you are filled with Spirit and the love of God, and people will notice. And you will be forced to explain it a little more than you are now. “Well, Kryon, what am I going to do? What will I say? Do I tell them I'm a Lightworker?” No. Why don't you tell them you've fallen in love with God? Why don't you tell them that you've seen yourself in a different way and you're comfortable in your skin. Why don't you tell them it's not threatening to their lives or their churches, and it's just you with you. Let them see God in you and not be frightened.

Fear of the Lightworker

The second one is related. Many will be frightened anyway. Light does that. In an earth that has been postured in a dark energy for thousands of years, which suddenly has light in it that it never had before, many will be afraid. If you are used to the dark and suddenly there is a light, you cover your eyes and wonder what it could be. There will be those who wallow in the dark, who enjoy all of the dramas of their life, who are victims and enjoy being victims, who will run from you... run from you!

You represent something they don't understand, and the irony is that what you carry could heal their lives, stop their drama, and lift them up. But they won't touch you. They're afraid of being burned with what you have. Powerful, you are! Watch for this attribute, and even if you expect it, you won't understand it. You will say, “Why is it that they don't like me? Why is it that suddenly there's such resentment or betrayal? I'm only carrying light!” It's fear. Fear of the light and what it represents in a dark world. Will it affect you? Of course.

So expect it, and know what to do. You'll be prepared. When it happens, just love them. You can't heal the world, dear one, if it doesn't want to be healed. All you can do is let your light shine. The ones who see it have free choice just like you do. They can accept it or run away. Do not be judgmental toward those who are not ready for your discovery, for they are as loved by God as you are, and have their own paths to discern as they walk this planet in lesson.

Message for Lee Carroll

Number three is a message for my partner [Lee], given for all of you to hear, so that it is known. For this is important, and if I just told him, he might not tell a soul, and keep it to himself. This way, it is public.

For years, I have given him the admonition about media. For years, I have told him it is inappropriate to channel in mass media, especially what you call broadcast. This is in reference to linear broadcast that is not requested, which flies through the air and that you pick up if you randomly choose a station or frequency that you “pop onto it.” Suddenly, here you find Kryon speaking.

It's inappropriate and it still is inappropriate and he does not have permission to put any full, recorded channelling on the air. Oh, there may come a time, but not now. However, he now has permission, from this point on, to do two things that he has never done before. One: It is now permissible to put designed samples of channelling on the air, which he creates. Snippets, if you would say. Sound bites, if you would say. Two: He has permission also for the first time to go into channel one-on-one and have interviews with Kryon, answering questions from the interviewer. And he's not going to like that, since he is not evangelic. It's part of the new energy, my partner. It is part of a general public becoming ready for acceptance or rejection. And there will be many who see him as the clown. Yet I will tell you, it is the love of God that has postured him for this and it's the love of God that will get him through it.

Faking it

It's going to be a whole lot harder to fake this process called channelling, because there's going to be a lot more people and Human Beings of both genders who are going to see the lights. They're going to know if it's real or if it's not real. Many will be revealed as doing it inappropriately without any sacred energy, only themselves. Get ready, for those who do it inappropriately to gain power or control or notoriety will be seen clearly by both sides... Lightworkers and non-Lightworkers.

Look for the integrity of the love of God in every single word. Look for the integrity of the love of God, which will always shout its love for humanity, shout those things that are non-competitive, shout acceptance for every single Human Being who listens, without judgment. That's the God who you know. That's the One who you're in love with. That's the One who washes your feet today.

The energy of Spirit is not compartmentalized or structured into a doctrine. There would be those who might hear this and say, “It's got to be the devil.” And there are those who will hear this and say, “This is the love of God.” It is the consciousness between the two that represents the free choice of a Human Being. It represents closed minds and hearts; it represents fear of change.

I would like to tell you that this entity called Kryon is in love with humanity and would never bring you a message that is inappropriate or filled with doom... only one that magnifies the magnificence of who is here in the room and those who listen and read, called humanity. Don't look at this and say it's inappropriate because it doesn't follow some earthly doctrine that you have developed from the mythology of the ages. You can't do that. Do your homework. Feel the love that is here. Then decide for yourself outside of the boxes that you were taught within. Let your heart make the decision.

Watch for those who would wish to take this to a controlling level. Now, my partner, you know why I have given you permission to speak on the media with me... to help combat those who will try to fake what you have practiced for 19 years.

The Shift is Upon You

The final one is this. Prepare for shift. It has been coming, and you've had the channellings that said so. It is the great shift, and it begins. It is the beginning of the preparation for what the Mayans told you would happen as the earth shifts into the year 2012. This magic year, which many fear, is only the signpost that comes by in your timeline that says you are moving into a new energy that was foretold by the angels. There will be no significant spiritual happening in 2012, only the celebration of the signpost that tells you that you have arrived.

It's going to be different. For those of you who don't like change, it's going to be fearful. So prepare for it. All these things I bring you are positive, filled with light, even within change.

Begin preparation for something we told you long ago is potentially possible, even in your lifetime. This is what you never expected, and that is the slow development of peace on Earth. Watch for a changing Middle East. Oh, it won't happen immediately. But the seeds are there. I speak now to those ears that are Hebrew and Arabic, and I'm telling you this: Your time is starting to come. It's what you've asked for and what you've prayed for. There is beginning, a consciousness of compromise in a difficult land. It is upon you. Watch for it; pray for it; send light for it; be part of it, for it is yours to claim.

Don't pay attention to your news. They are going to bring you the worst of the worst. They always do, and always will. It is the way of their system. Your media will look for the worst thing that is possible, the most abhorrent thing that has happened on the planet that day, and they will zero in and they spend all of their resources on it. They won't tell you about the other things that are going on. Right now in the Middle East, they won't tell you about those who are trying to build peace outside of the government. They won't tell you that there are hundreds of thousands of them on both sides of the issue who are coming together right now. Your news has never reported that. It's just a little too hopeful. [Laughter]

Blessed is the Human Being who hears this message in person in this room, for the challenge is this: Walk out different than you came. Know that your feet have been washed this day. I am Kryon. I would not say these things if they were not so. I'm in love with humanity and always will be, until the day it ceases and we are all one again.

And so it is.


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