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The New Energy

This channel is meant as the partner channelling to the one below. It is the natural continuation of Kryon's message about the shift. But this one tells us that we are finally in the shift, and begins to enumerate the changes we will see, and the new tools we will have.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. This is the greeting you have heard for more than 19 years. Before that time, there was no greeting. Before that time, there was no evidence that such a thing could be with the magnetic master [Kryon] coming to this planet to speak to you as I do now. Oh, there were those who channelled Kryon before my partner and they were the forerunners and are greatly blessed. Some of them are now on the other side of the veil, for they knew the energy of the magnetic master and they saw in their wisdom the potential of this day. One of them even introduced me to my partner! [Lee] But none had the potential of the 11:11.

For 19 years, this is the voice that has greeted you. And in this time, there has been growth and wisdom and clarity to bring you a message like we bring today. It has always been in the ability of free choice for the Human Being to claim the potential of this day. Oh, we saw the potential, but we didn't know if you'd accomplish it or not. So this message is given to you at this time to give you an inkling of what has transpired in the transition of energies between 2021 and 2022. You might say it is the follow-up information given in 2022 that we could not give you in 2022. You might say then, it is the new information of what you have created with your free choice.

A Short Review

Let us present a linearity to you. Going back in time, here is a review of what we said recently, given especially for those who are reading and listening. For it was not that long ago we gave you the message that the transition you see right now between 2021 and 2022 is a transition that is numerological from nine to one. For even the simplest of numerology computes 2021 as a nine and 2022 as a one. The nine and the one together, back to back, create a situation that only happens each decade.

In the last channel, we told you that this situation should have shouted to you that it might be different, and that perhaps you should have looked for special energy. However, many didn't. We told you in the last channel that the learning of spiritual attributes is not linear. That is to say, it does not follow the paradigm you might expect. We told you that what you expect is that as learning grows, the “knowledge jar” fills up slowly. But if we told you that there'd come a time when the jar would be empty for a moment or two, and that all of it would be taken away from you in order to refill the jar with something even beyond what you had learned, you'd say, “Well, that doesn't make sense.” That's because you don't understand the non-linear fashion of the way learning takes place spiritually. Is it a puzzle? Yes. So we ask for you to absorb this.

Here are the facts in review: This information is now your past. The last four months have not been pleasant. To some of you, it seems that the very essence of your core spiritual truths have been withdrawn. Things were not going as they should have. Some of the tools you used simply to maintain sanity in a thick energy were withdrawn. Some of the things you really count on, such as a sweet countenance, non-judgmental personality and the wisdom of the ages... gone. Shamanic wisdom was not there when you needed it. We even mentioned it is the fact that your culture celebrates the holidays at this time and that family comes together. This made things worse. I think some of you know what I mean, for relationships with extended family often require wisdom. What a time for your wisdom to be withdrawn! For wisdom creates a situation where you are able to hold your tongue at the right time, and perhaps some of you didn't? This was a withdrawal, and it was felt by many.

We told you in the last channel that as 2022 progressed, especially into the middle of the month of January, that these things would start to be replaced and enhanced. And s