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Start at age 49/50

Somewhere I read that at age 49/50 we enter a new phase in life, a sort of ripening process, as I understand it. All sorts of doors then open to us. Then it occurred to me that Lee Carroll, Steve Rother, and Ronna Herman (whose information “feels” right to me) are also age 50+. It got me to wondering if perhaps this age thing was perhaps real, also meaning that I haven't “missed the boat,” as I sometimes worry. That would be wonderful news for me! That would mean great and exciting things are still on their way! Please tell me your views as to the age 49/50 as a milestone (or not) in our spiritual development at this time.

I hope you don't mind my answering this, since I've asked this exact question of Kryon. I'm now 60+, but my awakening came at age 45. I asked Kryon early on why this was. My question to Kryon was this: “Wouldn't it have made more sense to have me younger so that I could have more energy? Why now, when I'm obviously past the halfway point of a normal life span?”

Kryon gave me an answer that's similar to the one you postulate. He said that after 50, there's something that happens. Chemistry changes, wisdom often increases, and so on. In my case, then, Kryon asked me a question: “Why don't you slow down your biological clock so you don't age as fast? And while you're at it, why don't you co-create more energy than you've ever had?”

Okay, so the gauntlet was thrown down (metaphorically) from Kryon, who told me that age was important for several reasons - among them was the challenge to let people see me work with it in a way that was obvious to them. So... I feel that if you're not yet 50, look to the positive side: that first, God willing, you will be 50 someday! When that time comes, expect some spiritual changes if you're in that place that gives permission for them.

By the way, if you're an Indigo reading this... forget everything I said. Your situation is different, very different.


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