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The increase in premature births that we’re seeing in this country

Dear Kryon, what can you tell us about the increase in premature births that we’re seeing in this country? Is it related to the change in the grid magnetics? My children were born at just 24 weeks gestation on February 28, 2003.

So you’ve noticed the trend, have you? It’s not just within your country. It’s actually everywhere. It has nothing to do with the grid specifically. It has everything to do with the new paradigm you’re in.

The souls coming into the earth at the moment are far more “ready” for the task than you ever were. They come into your planet as old souls, and you can see it in their eyes as they’re born. The increase in premature birth is due mostly to the new consciousness of the children being born today. They’re impatient in life, and also in birth. Coming in at full term isn’t needed for many of them, since they wish to get on with it!

As proof of this, I ask you to notice how they act later in their development. They already know so much! They’re not patient in school if they feel they already have the concepts (if not the facts), and they’re very impatient with a parent who treats them as a young soul instead of an old soul who’s simply reviewing!

It’s all part of a new kind of Human being born on this planet. When you can see it firsthand, you no longer think this kind of message is foolishness. Look to the children for proof of what I say.


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