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What NOW time really is?

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I want to validate my understanding of what NOW time really is. I understand it to be that Spirit is in a spot (for lack of a better word) where you can see the potentials of all possible things to come. I can understand this concept because I equate it to looking at a tree and seeing the branches extend out in an ever-increasing pattern. My questions are:

What happens when events come to pass? Do they form a singular path of reality, similar to the bottom of the tree, where there’s only one path back to the ground? Or is Spirit able to see all possible paths that did not come to pass?

This is sort of a linear-time question, but is Spirit able to see all possible things that reach into infinity, or does it become too cumbersome to see after a certain point (such as you would have with an ever-expanding tree going into infinity)?

You say that NOW time is circular, but we are in linear time. So somehow the two must correlate. How long (days, months, or years) does it take in our linear time to complete one circular path of NOW time? Or is that different for each person, based on where they are on their path? Is there a collective correlation of linear time traversed to complete one circular NOW path for the earth?

ANSWER: Dear one, first, throw away the tree. It’s way too 4D for you to relate to it. It may serve to help you with your metaphor, but it’s very limiting within this complex analogy.

There’s no such thing as predestination, but only predisposition. As events come to pass, you tend to stay in a predetermined groove, much like the old LP phonograph record groove that plays only one song as long as you stay in that specific groove. So watching a Human Being play the song he began when he was born is very predictable and not all that complex. It’s when you decide to “play another song” that it becomes difficult to explain to you.

Picture this: Spirit stands in the center of a huge balloon. Inside this balloon your potentials exist. All the “if you go this way, then this is the potential” kind of energy is shown. For instance, if you void a whole reality (in the same way that you might sterilize yourself), then all the potentials involving having more children go away. This means that as you move within your life, this “NOW map” changes depending on what you do. It also shows you where you are now, and the potentials of what’s possible at the next step. Although many potentials are there, only the nearest ones are shown, since they are the most energetic ones.

Now understand that this map is not just for God. It’s for you, too. This is the “You are here” map that we tried to explain in the parable of Michael Thomas (Kryon Book Five). Becoming interdimensional gives you insight as to which way to turn in order to accomplish what you want. It’s also an energy map that gives you the intuition to move accordingly.


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