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What Should I Ask?

This parable of Kryon has been given before. But right now it’s more profound than ever as people all around the world search for answers to what is happening. This series of Iceland Channellings was given during the outbreak of COVID-19.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

If you’ve just tuned in, this is the ninth channel of the series given in the island nation of Iceland.

The group comes together for the last time, and I wish to speak to the group and say this: In these days, dear ones, there have been some seeds planted with each of you. The seeds are good ones and, like any other seeds on this planet, when they are buried in the dirt, the farmer has the option to water them or not – to let them grow – to take care of them – or to care if they are there or not. This is the free choice of every single one of you.

Some seeds have been planted in those who would never come to a Kryon channel without this tour. Some seeds went to those who were curious and wanted to know a little more about esoteric things. Many seeds were also planted with the most esoteric of you, and those seeds are for growth in perceptions past where you are currently perceiving.

Every single one of you is known to God, known to Spirit, and known to the Creative Source. You are not known by the name or the face that you carry, but by the attributes of your unique soul, something you have that is acknowledged by almost all humanity. Humans intuitively have recognized the soul as something that is eternal. Every belief system on the planet talks about where the soul goes after death. It is part of you; it is above you; and, even if you don’t believe it, the traditions of eons of maritime seagoers always talked about souls onboard. The soul’s existence is assumed; it is innate; it is something that all humanity, at some level, recognizes as real. And the Human who is connected to the soul is also well known to us. We know why you might be here, what you think, and what you need.

Free choice is the phrase that we use now. It means that nothing happens, no seed grows, unless you ask it to. Nothing spiritual happens for you unless you are willing to look beyond that which you’ve been taught and, perhaps, say to yourself: I doubt this is true, but I want to know more. And if that’s you, you’d be just like my partner who now sits in the chair.

I would like to briefly repeat a parable I gave you many years ago because it’s germane to your time. We sit here now at a time on the planet that is worried about the virus. [March 2020] Much is happening regarding trying to slow it down, and many are wringing their hands wondering what’s next. They are in fear.


The parable I give now was also given many years ago, but it’s a parable that needs to be repeated. The parable is about the mother and the son. Imagine, for a moment, in this allegory, in this story, that a mother has a small infant son, three or four years old. Inquisitive he is, and he is just learning to speak better. The mother, like all mothers, will spend time looking at him and saying: “Oh, you have so much to learn, my son. I wish I could give you advice that you could understand and know now. I wish I could tell you about things which you’re going to encounter that might frighten you – and show you they are okay. I wish I could tell you the pitfalls of life – what not to do and what to do