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When The Butterfly Flaps Its Wings

This channelling continues the discussion of the unexpected things the planet has received at the end of 2016. These two channellings together (with the one below), may begin to explain why things happen the way they do. The circle of time is hard to explain, and scientists are beginning to see that things are related to each other in very strange ways. Kryon starts to explain more about this.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

There are some who are convinced that the man in the chair is simply channelling his Higher-Self. It’s much more than that, and through these many years no attempt has been made to prove it from this stage. The reason is because you have free choice. From the biggest to the smallest perceptions, your choice to accept or reject is the gift for you on this planet, and Spirit will never touch this freedom you have.

What Spirit does for you and with you is an allowance to what you let it do. You can easily stop truth or benevolence with fear or unbelief. You are always in control. Here is a question that is profound for this moment: Will you allow yourself to feel the entourage pour in here for a moment? Does it stretch your belief, dear Human, to think that there are those here that you can't see stretching what you think is physically possible? Does it also stretch your belief to think that there may be physics that has “knowing” or consciousness? Perhaps you don’t know everything yet?

The box that most Human Beings reside in is one of protection. You believe in what you’ve been told, and you also look at what has transpired in the past. Those two things then become your reality and determine what you expect for the future. Where in that box is the allowance for the beauty of God, which is outside of what you’ve been told? Do you think that it is possible that when you climb into the closet and shut the door, there are trillions of us who know your name and your situation? Perhaps you’ve climbed in the closet to cry and be alone, but you have no idea who is really there.

This particular channel will have many directions it could go. I want to tell you what’s happening now on your planet. The last time I sat before Human Beings, I made a plea: Set aside the humanism you have for a moment as though you came in from another planet and you’ve just come across this teaching. Act as if you’re not involved in anything here on Earth and you’re simply observing. This creates within you a complete and total lack of bias toward anything you are experiencing.

I want to set the stage with this axiom. When Humans project the future, they do it all based upon what they know happened in the past. In psychology, it is called Human nature. The way Human Beings behaved yesterday sets the expectation of what is to come tomorrow and beyond. If nothing has ever happened in the past that would give you a new perspective, you simply paste what has happened in the past upon the future.

Let me give you an example. You’re with a beautiful six-year-old. Perhaps it’s your child, perhaps not, but you’re allied with the six-year-old. You look into his/her heart and you see nothing but innocence and love and beauty. You say to the six-year-old, “What is it that you would really love for your future? Tell me all about what your life would be like if you could paint the perfect picture, the most beautiful thing you would want for the future.” The six-year-old would look up at you and say, “That’s easy! I want every toy I could ever have from now until the time I die. I want all the toys. Then I want to be with you. I want you to hold my hand until I die, because I’m safe. I want to go places and do things with you. I want to enjoy what I have. It would be the best! Think of all the neat and exciting toys and more toys I would have!” That is the perfect future of the six-year-old.