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Could it be possible that we're the fallen angels mentioned in the Bible?

I'm so very new to all the Kryon writings, and appreciate the wonderful news you pass on. My question: I understand that we are angels within a Human form. Could it be possible that we're the fallen angels mentioned in the Bible?

There are many who won't like this answer, for they wish to have the heaven and hell mythology manifest itself as excuses for their own actions.

There's no such thing as a fallen angel. Not everything that was translated in the history book of your scriptures is literal. Much like our metaphors are used to help in our teaching, so it is that you'll find the same there.

When you see the term, understood what it originally meant: It's a reference to your own divinity on Earth. You are all “descendant angels” in that you agreed to put apart your grandness and spend linear time here. It's not a term of negativity or a description of an angel who fell from grace. There simply is no such thing. There is no devil and there is no Hell. As we've said before, all the darkest things imaginable come right out of the Human mind through free choice. Even your own pope has now acknowledged that: (paraphrased) “Hell is a state of mind, one which you are responsible for and create yourself. As you remove yourself from God, you create your own darkness.”

When you are part of the divinity of what you call God, you're a finite part of an interdimensional soup. The ingredients of that soup never rebel or disagree with the whole, since they're part of the structure of the whole. They're also biased in favor of the soup, which is a way of saying that they're biased in love.


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