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Demystifying the New Age

Fallen angels? Who are guides, anyway? What are the real attributes of angels? Kryon says that the more we clear the mythology of God, the grander the truth becomes.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

There was a time in the channelling process where my partner was not involved to the degree he is now. The new phrase is “he steps aside”, which means he's still here. The channelling process is not a takeover, and for those who would hear this and think it was odd, mysterious or spooky, I would like to give you this to examine: The indigenous of your planet understood this process, and they did it on a regular basis. There were names for it and ceremonies for it and it wasn't until you got “modern spirituality” that those things went away.

There will come a time when this kind of communication isn't needed anymore. Things change, dear ones, and humanity changes. The evolvement of the Human spirit will eventually come to a place where most of humanity will be given messages directly. This will be because their pineal is open for them, and they won't need to channel entities with odd names or magnetic masters. Receiving benevolent, beautiful messages from home will be for all. I know who's here and what I'm going to give next is fun for me.

The demystification of esoteric belief and the New Age is at hand. This is simply so it makes more common sense to those who wish to know you better. The things that I'm going to tell you now may not agree with what you have been taught. Sometimes traditions become truth, simply because they are old. So much of what I tell you today may be different from your traditional thought. If this is so, I wish to ask you for balance - at least weigh these things with your intuition and do not judge them immediately as being wrong. Allowance of new thought is part of recalibration. The way things really work may be different than you think, and perhaps grander.

Misinformation about beautiful things is common to Human spiritual belief systems. It's because within history, you only had access to these things within a profound old energy planet. This filtered the truth, as you might expect, and gave you only a piece of the puzzle of how things actual work.

Dear ones, I've never been a Human. You have no idea of the awe that I hold for you. The soup of God is compartmentalized to some degree when it comes to service. It has to be. Not as you would think, but the pieces and the parts that become Human on a planet like yours, or on various other planets, are specialists. You are all in that category, and through billions of years you have continued to be a select group. It's what you do. Don't lose track of the fact that you are a piece of the creative source! But this is what you do.

The Human Lineage

We're going to talk about souls and Higher-Selves. We're going to talk about angels and guides, and that's all we're going to talk about. But even before we begin, I want you to see the lineage of your service. Your efforts did not start here on your planet, dear ones. This has been going on a very long time. Our last messages talked about this. Your planet, as you see it now, old soul, is one of many that you have been on. The puzzle that many of you carry in your Akash contains the past energies of having done this before on other planets. You are Human on all of them, and here you are yet again, doing it again. I, as Kryon, never participated in any of them as a Human. I'm what you call a helper.

Today, for you, I'm Kryon. On another planet in ascension, sometime in the future, I'll be something else. I've always been with you during this puzzle, dear ones, and you have seen me before. Some of you heard the voice of my partner, or read the words, and there was something that rang with truth beyond that which you've experienced in this life. You recognize me, but it wasn't from this planet, dear ones. You've been through this before and you knew I was safe and you knew I loved you. I gave you information that would only bring you benevolent things in your life, and you could trust me. For some of you, this was planet after planet.

Now, this would be your Akashic remembrance, and some old souls here and listening and reading know it. Some of you listening to this channel will now have explained why it is that when you opened the book and read the words, something jumped out from the page and you felt it in your heart. Some of you wept, not from the information, but from the perception of remembering. Old souls, listening and reading, you have spent lifetime after lifetime on this planet and you're used to it. But there was another planet before this one, and before that, and before that. You're a part of the creative source, and a beautiful system - every single one.

The Human Soul

Let's talk about souls. What is a soul? The word soul is used by humanity, even if there is no spiritual belief system involved. Isn't it interesting that Humans know what a soul is without ever pretending to believe that they have one? They know what it is. So common is it that mariners of old would report how many souls on board instead of how many Humans on board. It's become common language, describing that which is the spiritual essence of a Human Being with the word soul.

In some spiritual systems, the soul is on the planet one time only and never again. In other belief systems, the soul comes to the planet over and over. However, the commonality is that in every system, the soul represents that piece of the Human body that belongs to God.

In traditional mainstream beliefs, the soul is a singular entity that belongs to the Human whose face is in your mirror. When you die, the soul goes with you to somewhere else. In some belief systems, it then comes back. It's simple, incorrect, but it's OK, very OK. If I said to you, “You have to walk before you can run,” you would understand this as logical common sense. The same process of understanding spiritual truth is part of a spiritual evolutionary process of perception. It's not necessary for you to know all the details of something to use it or to feel it.

The Human soul is part of a multidimensional energy and is not singular. It also is not attached to one body. It also can be split and in many places at once. In the New Age esoteric belief system, it is the “Higher-Self”. It represents a true quantum energy.

The New Age

When we talk about New Age and esoteric beliefs, we use the terms interchangeably. The term New Age can often mean cult in certain cultures, so we often use esoteric instead. Both words mean a belief system that is unique on the planet and has no structure or doctrine. It has no central book. It has no prophet to worship and there's no place where there is a central headquarters. There's no place to report to and there are no rules. There is no membership and no record of who started it. What a system! It's out of the perception of any logical, organized system, because it has no organization.

Yet tens of thousands all over the world get together to honor the same attributes of belief. There is a central core belief that God is inside; that souls come to the planet many times; and that humanity is part of a benevolent system creating the spiritual evolution of Earth. There is a belief that humanity was seeded by the Pleiadians and they are still here; that there is beautiful purpose to your life; and that you are here in a benevolent way to help humanity to create peace on Earth.

Isn't it interesting, dear one, that there's no central prophet? But really, there is. What many might call the soul, you call the Higher-Self. So we will use these terms interchangeably because that is what we teach. But in esoteric belief, the Higher-Self has a personality. It is a piece of God that has your face on it. It is on the other side of the veil at the same time it is within you - and it is the prophet inside! For the Higher-Self contains the template of spiritual rules, if you want to call it that. However, these are not rules, but rather they are concepts. They are concepts of past life experience, represented by what we call the Akash.

The template contains concepts of angels and guides around you, who you are, where you're going, why you're here, and the attributes of what you consider survival. It is the template of your soul. The Higher-Self is not something that is above you, but rather it vibrates higher than your corporeal self. The entire purpose and goal of esoteric belief is for the Human to take the hand of the Higher-Self and discover more about the template.

Each day when you awaken, wouldn't it be nice to take the hand of God and walk through life that day with profound balance and wisdom? That is the New Age belief. That is esoteric belief - getting in touch with the God that is in you.

The masters of Earth all spoke of the God inside, all of them. The New Age belief system teaches that all of the masters were valid and were here to give that message, and not necessarily to be worshipped. They didn't isolate themselves or ask to be worshipped or build a church around themselves. So there is no evangelistic thrust in the New Age. None. If you find somebody who is trying to tell you they are right and you are wrong, then they are not New Age. Instead, that person probably has something of their own they've put in a box of their own and are enlisting your membership. They are not the esoteric belief that we're speaking of.

Getting in touch with your Higher-Self will create balance within you and will also help you with others. The Higher-Self is the key. There is a benevolent system that loves you and sees you as you see your children. That is because when you come into this planet, you disengage from us. That's your free will, and you are specialists in this.

Oh, I can't imagine it! I would weep as a piece of God to think that I would be separated from myself and I wouldn't know who I was. Oh my God! What a task - yet you do it so freely and so easily, and for so long. Now you know why I am so enamored with you, and here you are at the cusp of a revolution of energy.

The Truth About Angels

I want to talk about angels. I really haven't done this much before. Kryon is not an angel, but rather a helper. My partner has called me a benevolent angel of the New Age, but that's not exactly right. I'm a helper. Believe me, if you saw an angel you'd know the difference.

Number one: Are angels real?

Absolutely! Yes.

Number two: Who or what are they?

There is a system, dear ones, of benevolent help for this planet. It's so complex that it's very difficult to discuss with you since you are biased to what you think it is. Where are angels? What do they do? How often, who are they, where do they come from? I'm going to give you some information that some won't like, and some will.

Physical visits: Angels come when they are needed, and they come from the central source. Normally, it's at various points in Human time for both humanity in general and for individuals. Each time they come, it is spectacular. Not one of them is corporeal. Again, Humans have decided that when an angelic entity visits them, in order to make the visit credible or explainable, they must put skin and wings on them and give them a name. Humans color their outfits white [which signifies purity], draw pictures of them, put halos on them, and report them in spiritual history. But that's not what they look like. They are multidimensional beings, not corporeal.

It was probably Moses who described the appearance of an angel in the clearest way, as a burning bush. Fire which does not consume itself or a spinning ball of iridescence is a good description of angelic energy. Indeed, the burning bush was an angel. What's dramatic about angelic energies is that they appear when you don't expect as a ball of energy coming at you. Sometimes they come right through a wall! They are iridescent, some looking like fire, and they have a tendency to frighten a Human! Every single report in scripture describing an angel visit tells you that the angel immediately communicated, “Fear not!” Now, why would any of you be afraid of a beautiful woman with a halo in a white robe? [Kryon laughter] The reason the angel gives this message is because they don't look like that! Dear ones, they are not here to frighten you, but rather to present themselves in all their beauty and their majesty - so grand that some cannot even look upon them. Grand they are.

Now here's the part that you didn't expect. They are a collective. There's no such thing as a singular angel. You might see it as a single angel like you see your body as a single entity, but you are not aware of the soup of angelic power. Angels speak with many voices, but they speak in your head, not in the air as vibrations of sound. Angels normally do not speak to crowds. They speak individually to one Human or another, but it's the collective voice of many, perceived and “heard” as one.

“But Kryon, what about Archangel Michael? I know somebody who is channelling this beautiful, single angel. What about that?” The message from Archangel Michael comes from a group. It's a powerful group, but think of it as “group consciousness perceived as one”. Kryon is the same way. All of us who represent the other side have these attributes. We are not corporeal and not singular.

The next thing is even harder to understand, and it's not what you have been told. There's no hierarchy of angels. None of them are above any other in a system of “who's the most powerful or who is in charge”. Instead, they are part of the soup of God and they are all identically majestic. Some are appointed to be ambassadors for the others, but they are not higher than the others. They are here by design, and they give messages to help accelerate the benevolence and love of God within humanity.

Probably the most quoted angel is Archangel Michael, who you perceive is the highest of the high. However, Michael is technically a group and does not have a hierarchical position. It just looks that way because the messages are delivered in a specific area of importance to the planet. Michael will tell you, “I am one of many, all majestic, all containing the love of God, all beautiful, all benevolent, all for your service of humanity.” But Human Beings want a hierarchy. This one's important; this one is not as important; this one you can throw away.