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Do you have any sense of what the immediate future of education may be?

Dear Kryon, do you have any sense of what the immediate future of education may be?

No entity can tell your future, but we can all give you readings of energy based on what you’re doing now.

The potential future of education will be one that the next generation will begin to put in place. It will be a dynamic system where the children can change the classroom as the term unfolds. This would be classroom-by-classroom. The teacher will only have one goal . . . that the children learn certain concepts by the end of the term, and prove they know everything expected. Each classroom will be able to govern how long this takes, and how long is spent on each concept or step, based on what the collective student group decides. This will eventually feature an evolved classroom where the students, based on their performance, will actually determine the term. Those classes who finish their terms early will get longer vacations.

In addition, the classrooms will be able to collectively dismiss other students in the class who detract from their learning, and/or individually help those who need review. So instead of the system deciding who’s fit for a class, the students will. It will be a far more empowering system, and will always be under the direction of the teacher. But it’s a far different system from what you have today, where the system drives the student. In the future, the student will drive the system.

There won’t be chaos, as many educators may predict. A funny thing happens when you give leadership concepts to those who can lead: They do.


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