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Have you been taught that duality on this planet is a challenge for those who think in a spiritual manner? Think again. Kryon says it's our “greatest gift.” This is the third in a series of discussions about duality given in Boulder.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

I'll say something again for those who might say “Well, I couldn't help but notice that the channelling came in very, very quick, here.” Some will always say, “Well, that's evidence it's not really channelling, because everybody knows that, if you are going to channel, you have to take a lot of deep breaths, pant for a while, face a certain direction, and eat a certain way.” All that has changed, dear ones, for every single one here has the ability to connect instantly.

I am not talking about sitting in front of an audience with a microphone. Instead, I am speaking about the ability to sense things beyond what you know, and to receive information that would not have necessarily come from the corporeal brain. That is what is happening on this planet, with the Old Souls, specifically, and it has to do with free choice.

This is the third channelling in a series of three, regarding duality. For those who did not hear the first two, there is a way to obtain them. It's an easy way, and then you will have the other two messages. []


This is not a long message, but it's a profound one. We told you that duality is not a negative word, and that it doesn't indicate a struggle. Even though some would define it as a struggle, it is a gift. It is a God-given gift from the Original Source of your creation, which allowed you to choose without judgment.

As a Human Being with sentience and intelligence, each of you has the ability to work the puzzle of life yourself and decide what energies you wish to gravitate toward. It's so easy to call these energies light and dark, but it's not that simple. We often do that for basic understanding. But actually, duality is the energy of appropriateness for your life, and it's a choice you make for yourselves. It's also the energy that is appropriate for your culture, for your planet, and for your time. Those energies of appropriateness shift and change with the generations, so it is not an easy choice since it is always a moving target. It's a gift of discernment of what works for you. Old Souls on the planet intuitively recognize that what works is what is closest to the original Creator core energy. Duality is not a struggle, dear ones. It is a precious choice - a free one.

However, suddenly, in this new energy, you are in a time where the choices are starting to be easier because of something that we told you in the last channel: You're starting to have help. If you want to call this energy, help, then go ahead. But it's actually you with you, dear ones. For, suddenly, that immensity of your soul that is part of you and always has been, starts allowing you to have an overview from the Field, if you wish to call it that. It comes from the energies of the potentials that are all around you, which are starting to be intuitively sensed. In other words, your path is not a mystery any longer. It's available to sense at a wonderful new level. So, I want to give you three of the greatest choices that have changed. Now, the actual choice hasn't changed, but rather, the perception of it. Your ability to manifest it has, indeed, changed.

Choice One - Definition of Self

The first free choice is full allowance to define yourself. Now, you may not really understand that until I give you this information:

Sit and ask the question “Who am I?”

I want you to do a visualization with me for just a moment. You are standing, looking in a mirror, wearing whatever is your best outfit, and admiring yourself. All the definitions of who you are, are visible to you. Each one is stuck to you with a yellow sticky-note.

There they are, upon your body - all those sticky-notes! Look at them with me, even the confidential ones that define you: Where you were born - your culture - your language - the manner of how you will act, one with another, in your culture, in your language. Your lineage is there, the one with your biological DNA. Your family is there, and what they think about you is there. Sticky-note, sticky-note, sticky-note, sticky-note.

Well, we didn't even get to the big ones yet, did we? There are those organizations that you belong to, who will also define your interests and also who you are. If you have had trouble with something and joined an organization, there is a sticky-note there. Then the core: There are the spiritual organizations you have had contact with who are very quick to tell you who you really are. For some of you, there is one big sticky-note that says “born dirty.” It is on your forehead if you want to know. That is the big one.

So there you are, with perhaps hundreds of sticky-notes all over you, as you look at yourself in the mirror.

Now, I want to give you an invitation and we are going to call it “free choice to define who you are.” In order to fulfill this invitation, I want you to shake yourself like a dog does after a bath - just shake and shake and shake and shake. Let those sticky-notes fall to the ground. Let each one fall from your body and lay on the floor. Don't be alarmed at this, because none of them are accurate. None of them. Not one. Not really. Not even your gender.


So now, let it begin. “Who am I?” On this blank slate of NO sticky-notes on your body, you can start writing your own, ignoring everything anybody has ever said, including those whom you trust who would define you. Dear ones, most Humans are judgmental. This is a Human attribute of elementary programming and survival, but it's not always in the consciousness of a mature Old Soul. So, part of this exercise is to claim that maturity. You have the ability - with free choice - to define yourself accurately. After all, only YOU really know who you are. You are the only one who can do this. Not others.

So, let us put a new, big sticky-note on your forehead: “Born magnificent!” This one will vibrate with truth and show up every time you look at yourself in a mirror. You can also start writing the other definitions and start placing them all over yourself: I am love. Put it right here: [Kryon pointing to the heart area]. I am compassion. Put right here: [Kryon pointing again to the heart area]. I am healthy. Put it here. I am young. Put it here. Start putting these sticky-notes all over yourself, because you are the only one who can define you!

You might think, “Well, that's pretty obvious for those of us who are in the work, Kryon.” Well, if it is so obvious, why were all of those other sticky-notes there? Many lightworkers have, indeed, decided to define themselves, but how many shook off the old ones? Very few. This leads to a profound feeling of lack of self-worth, dear ones. Did you ever think of that? Why would Old Souls on this planet, the ones who have the most information and the most experience, feature the greatest lack of self-worth? The answer? Too many of those old notes are still sticking to you!

I am talking to a lot of people here who have been defined and have believed it. You believed it. Now it is time to understand, with a new awareness, that you are the only ones who can use spiritual logic, science, and all the things that accurately determine, with your own mind, who you truly are. The others have pads of sticky-notes, ready to place them on anyone who will allow it. You did. That's number one.

Choice Two - Definition of Path

Number two is the free choice to determine your path.

Now, you might think this is also obvious. However, there is, again, something in the way of making this choice. We won't use sticky-notes this time, but instead, we will use the engrams and synapses in your brain that have been placed there subconsciously. These “automatic thinking” feelings respond to advice and/or information you have been given, which goes unfiltered, right into your mind. What would that be? It's information that comes from people you trust. Whether they have been parents, politicians, spiritual leaders, or mentors. Whoever they are, it relates to information and advice about your path.

This becomes part of who you are, and your path, or part of it, is often determined by others. Now you say, “Wait a moment Kryon, I have chosen it myself. I wasn't coerced.” Yes, dear ones, however, you have chosen it with extreme prejudice: Listening to the advice of others. So, really, who is doing the choosing? You were convinced. You didn't choose.

“Well, Kryon, I don't think I was sold anything. It made sense from people I trusted and loved. This is how most Humans receive help. Do you have an alternative suggestion?” Yes, I do, and here it is: Today, you have a new communication ability. Many have called it the connection to the Field, accessing potentials that manifest themselves the moment you give energy to them. Did you ever learn a new word that you had never heard before in your life, then in the next week, you hear it three times? Did you realize you had created that? That is the best example I can give you for creating your own reality. When you start concentrating on certain kinds of things and suddenly, they occur, you have changed the Field. This is new. Listen: Your past advice was given by many who did their best, but only knew from the energy of their time. Textbooks are often updated to include recent new thinking due to new discoveries. It's the same here.

Here is my advice. The first thing: Sit alone in a space of coherence with the Creator, where you are peaceful and happy, and make a statement: “Dear Spirit, show me what I need to know.” Under the pretense and new energy rule that says this is how you create your own reality, expect to receive an answer through synchronicity. This is what will shape your path, not advice from another. You will experience it.

The next thing - state: “Spirit, bring me those who I will recognize as part of my path.” And that, dear ones, is when the partnerships show up. And that, dear ones, is when romance happens or abundance starts to change in your life. You see, your statement creates an energy of expectation - real energy that goes into the Field. Have you heard that today from a scientist? [Gregg Braden] That's the truth. You are profoundly in control of your path.

Oh, there are three people right now in this room who had to hear that! What you choose today, is far different from anything others would have chosen for you in an older energy. Perhaps some of those who advised you a certain way are now passed over on the other side of the veil right now? I will tell you this: They are applauding and saying, “Listen to the guy in the chair!” Because they know, they know. They are your cheering section right now. Greater truths are being revealed at this time than at any other time in Human history. It is not a betrayal, to find a greater truth than you were taught.

Choice Three - Definition or choice of your own energy

Number three. You have the choice - free choice - to determine your own personal energy. “What does that mean, exactly, Kryon? What do you mean by 'my energy'?” You can call it whatever you want, but when people stand around you, what do they feel? Consciousness is energy. So, what is your consciousness? What is the energy that people feel when they are next to you? Are you someone who has trouble with fear? Many lightworkers are often afraid of something. That is not an indictment or a judgment, dear ones, but it is a fact. Some of you are very fearful persons.

Perhaps you are a person who has anxiety over many things? You may not want to be that person, but that is who you are as you sit there. Perhaps that is why you are here - to help with that? Are you aware that you broadcast all of that fear energy, everywhere you walk?

Some of you are abrasive and don't know it. We have discussed this before - as a lightworker's subconscious creation to being different. In an older energy, some of you actually created things in your personality that push people away. Are you aware of that? Do people walk away from you after you talk to them? Have you ever analyzed how you appear to others? Perhaps you don't care? I have told you that, in this new energy, everything has changed, and that we need your light … not your abrasiveness.

You have the choice, today, to choose the energy of who you actually are, and it can be done in so many different ways. There are so many teachers telling you “Here is how to do it.” I will give you a core answer right now, as you sit here, and it's your free choice to hear and accept it, or not.

State these things in your affirmations: “I choose to be peaceful. I choose not to have anxiety over the things I had before. I no longer will have my buttons pressed by others. I am a kind and benevolent thinker and that is what I will project in my life.”

Many of you had to hear that today!

“Kryon, is it possible that just saying these things can help me?” Dear ones, I didn't ask you to say them. I ask you to “state them.” This means you must eventually assimilate them. They are you! You must cognize them as the highest truth there is. Many Old Souls “try” many things. This isn't trying. A statement is an affirmation of reality.

Dear ones, It's your free choice to choose your energy.

State: “I choose not to fear. I choose to be peaceful. I will have wonderful, peaceful sleep at night because I am allied with the Creative Source and now I understand that. I understand that what I visualize of who I am, becomes my reality. The cells of my body are all listening for the first time. I choose to be healthy in this life!”

Where have you heard that before? These things which are spiritual today, will become axioms of physics tomorrow.

I am giving you a truism that consciousness is energy and, therefore, energy can be studied and measured. In this energy, there will be those who realize, through quantum studies of multidimensional things, just how consciousness can come together in ways that it had not before. They will study how to use benevolent consciousness in the boardroom of a corporation, in order to make better decisions and to enhance coherence for the people who work for the corporation. What a concept! Why would they do that? Because measurements of coherence will, for the first time, prove that, yes, sales will be better from a group who are working together in coherence and benevolence. The other things that organizations have difficulty with will also change, including the consciousness of management toward those who work for them. Can you imagine the new competition in the marketplace? Who has the best coherence? [Kryon smile]

I said it before: Can you visualize today in a US Congress far, far away from now, where they stop for a moment - both sides - and create coherence together so their decisions that day would be the best decisions for the most people? I know, I know. You might say, “Well, Kryon, obviously that's on another planet.” No, it isn't. That is in the Field, dear ones.

If somebody had said, “Well, it's interesting. I never thought our Congress would stop and have prayer for anyone or anything.” They do. They do. Whether they mean it or not, they've got the concept. In a land where the founders and current leaders pride themselves with the principles of “separation of church and state,” the state often prays together. Someday, science will show that “Coherence of consciousness is real. It changes things, and it can be measured.” This will begin to change how groups of Humans work together. It's coming.

This is the first of the series of channels for 2020. I want you to leave this place differently than you came - with ideas, potentials, and peace.

And so it is.


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