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How does God/Source feel about our current world?

Dear Kryon, our world involves excruciating pain and suffering, and even “lessons” that we choose in which we hurt each other. How is this justified? How does God/Source feel about this? Why is this allowed?

First, God is not in charge of your world, dear one. You are. The sooner you realize that, the better. Therefore, there is no “allowance” of anything. The energy of Earth is what you have created through free choice.

Now… all my work to this point has been in explanation of this. You live in a duality which is free to claim any energy it wants to, without interference from the outside. That’s why it’s called a test. This has been given you many times:

The reason for the suffering and hurtful behavior is because, up to this point, you have chosen a lower energy of existence. That is what is changing regarding the great shift. Your prophesied Armageddon future didn’t happen, and much of what was supposed to be next, is also not happening! You have changed the future and are moving upward to a higher energy and a lofty goal of peace on Earth. All our teaching have therefore said: Behold the changes! Don’t be afraid to hold light for this, and hold your ground.

We told you the weather would change, and it did. We warned you about big storms, magnetic variances, and earthquakes. All these have now happened. They were not punishments by God, but rather movements by Gaia due to your own vibratory changes.

Therefore, again we tell you to take responsibility for what you have created and move on now to balance it, eliminate what is obviously inappropriate, and roll up your sleeves! As we see it, your recent history is now showing that this is well underway. There is much good news here, but you won’t see it on your media.

Don’t despair. You are changing things greatly. Know that this might take generations to accomplish, but you are the forerunners and have already made a difference.


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