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Is It Ever Appropriate For A Human To Resort To Violence?

Dear Kryon, is it ever appropriate for a Human to resort to violence?

Yes, when you’re attacked with life-threatening force, it’s appropriate to respond with violence if necessary. In addition, it’s acceptable to meet violence with violence when protecting your children or family.

There are times when you must meet force with force, for this is the only thing that force understands. Let me give you an example: If you’re awakened in the middle of the night and you find an assailant standing over your child’s bed, about to destroy the life of your child, I guarantee that you’ll use force to stop it. This is instinct, and it doesn’t mean that you’re violating spiritual guidelines. The term “turn the other cheek” refers to a situation where you’ll give ultimate patience within an exchange where anger might have otherwise been a Human reaction. It has never meant “stand and be harmed.”


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