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It's in the DNA!

This is a complete teaching about what happens regarding karmic and Akashic attributes of Human Beings at birth and beyond. It's a study which Lee Carroll will be giving next year as part of his seminars. It's important, for it's all part of the enabling of the Human Being in the New energy.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

Some of you will feel the sister/brother speaking to you now, for this day is a teaching day. It is going to be the unraveling of some of the complex messages we've been giving you for a year. It's to be unraveled with three-dimensional attributes, so that it's clearer for you, so that it can be taught with synchronicity. In this synchronous fashion, it becomes therefore linear, and it's time for the entire message-set to be shown and told.

Before we begin this teaching, I wish to make a statement: Blessed is the Human Being who walks out of this place untouched. Blessed is this Human Being who does not believe one word of this, and who is blind to the light we teach, for he'll have the same number of angels walk out with him that will walk out with you. For it's not about the right or the wrong of who “takes it in” or who does not. It is simply about the energy of the information and the free choice that is here. Loved beyond measure, each of you are, for you are a piece of God. I know who is here. I know the names of who is here... those spiritual names that we sing in light. It is the name of your Higher-Self.

I wish to move forward into this teaching and I'm going to give my partner some information now that he does not expect. What is taught tonight in channel is also to be taught in lecture in the future. What I am telling my partner for all to hear right now is that I wish for him to develop this information and teach it so that others will hear it out of channel so it will not be as cryptic. A Human teaching a Human in 3D is far more successful than anything that I could ever teach through him in this channelling state. So I imbue into him the knowledge and the power to teach this in a succinct and clear manner. What we're teaching today is the power of the Akash. We have hinted at it. We have told you snippets of information about it. We have given you some hints on what it means, and now I wish to unravel the story.

We have told you in the past about an energy that comes in with you, which is the Akash. You have heard the term the Akashic Record. This is a record of the Akash. The definition of the Akash is an energy that represents everything that is. The Akashic Record, therefore, is a record of all that has been and more. The concept of the Akash represents all that is, and the potentials of everything that can be. In 3D, the Akashic Record is an archive of things accomplished. However, difficult to explain, it is also a record of things potentially unrealized.

There are two kinds of Akashic Record: One is global and one is personal. The global one is contained in that place we have spoken of so many times in this last year, the Cave of Creation. It is a physical place on this planet, filled with crystalline energy. You might say that every single Human Being who is hearing this or reading this has a crystal in that cave. That's not exactly interdimensionally accurate, but it's the best we can give you in 3D. This makes it simple for you to visualize. Each of you has a physical object in this sacred place that is sacred, is crystalline, and stays on this planet after you are gone.

The hard part about this explanation is that this crystal is timeless. That is to say it carries with it the core energy of your Higher-Self when you are here on the planet. When you are not here, the energy of this object is placed upon the Crystalline Grid, which is global. All that you ever were on this planet is imbued, permeated, to the grid. Therefore, you might say that your Higher-Self still resides with Earth. At some level, you would be right. This also explains how a Human can “talk to the dead.” For in a timeless state, everyone who ever lived is still here, within the crystalline.

An Overview of Coming and Going - The First Kind of Akashic Record

When you come into the planet, you activate this unique personal crystalline structure, and your Higher-Self is then responsible - the caretaker - for this crystal while you are here. The Higher-Self of each Human is always on my side of the veil, but it has tendrils, you might say, that allow parts and pieces of it to interface with you and the planet. These are the parts that you get in contact with when you meditate. Once you arrive on Earth, the energy of the Higher-Self is connected to Earth for as long as Earth exists.

The life that you live right now becomes etched upon this crystalline structure. The decisions you make, spiritual and otherwise, all of the things that you experience, what you go through as a Human Being, all are imbued to this crystal. The properties of crystalline structures are well known in your science. It is a mineral that has an atomic structure that has long-term atomic order. This creates a unique attribute discovered early, which is that of memory. In our case, it is way beyond anything your science will ever have... a crystalline structure that contains sacred life lessons, knowledge, memory and remembrance. What you don't realize, or understand in 3D, is that the crystalline also has the potential of the future imbedded within it. Difficult to explain, it is, but let's keep it simple for now.

You live your life on Earth. When you are complete and experience what you call death, which we call transition, you come back to the Cave of Creation for a moment. At that point, everything you experienced and learned gets sealed into this crystalline object, and then your earthly essence and the personal sacred portion of your Higher-Self leaves the planet.

You might say that this crystalline record is like the rings of an interdimensional tree. It places upon itself a lifetime at a time, everything you learned and all that your DNA has collected. This is far more profound than you expect, for the changes that have occurred in your awareness, if any, remain on this planet in the form of vibratory shift. It remains here for the rest of the civilization, because it is placed onto the Crystalline Grid of the very earth itself. Therefore, you might say that the very earth resounds with your vibration... past and present.

Nothing is wasted; nothing is lost, dear Human Being. What you do here stays here. All the things you did, all the decisions, all the epiphanies, the love, the joy, the drama and the sorrow... they're not just for you, they're for the earth. The vibration of the earth itself, therefore, is made up of the trillions of lifetimes of energy created by humanity for approximately 50,000 years.

It's not a time-capsule, for it's active all the time. A time capsule is passive. Interdimensional things are always in the “now.” Therefore, there is no “time stamp” on any of this. It just “is,” and is “seen” by the planet as always current. That means that whatever you experienced is still being experienced and is fresh.

After a period of Earth time, you may revisit the earth. Most of you do, for a lifetime on the planet is like a day in the life of a grander scheme. The grander scheme is an overview of hundreds of your lifetimes, and Spirit sees you not as a Human in this life, but as a timeless, sacred entity that is part of the family of God, working for Earth, who has been here over and over in different incarnations or “expressions of karmic energy.” This is very difficult for you to understand and accept, for you think life begins at birth and ends at death. That is no more true than a perception of life beginning at dawn and ending at dusk. It continues and continues and each life is like a day in a grander life. You continue to awaken and sleep... over and over.

You have called this process reincarnation. An expression of your Higher-Self again comes into the earth. It's the same Higher-Self, by the way. Think about that for a moment... many lives, many faces, both genders... same Higher-Self. It comes in as it has before and places the new energy as a beginning addition into the crystal that is yours. You are then born on this planet and you continue the journey seemingly as someone else. Then you live that life. When you're finished, what you experienced and learned becomes another ring on the crystal. Over time, this sacred crystalline structure is imbued with hundreds of rings of lifetimes. One Higher-Self, many lifetimes, many names and faces... all YOU. That is the essence of the Cave of Creation and the process of the Crystalline Grid. It's how it works. Whatever you do stays here on this planet and contributes to the energy of all humanity that will follow.

That is the overview of the Akashic Record in the Cave of Creation. The difficult part to explain is how it also contains the future. For all the potentials of the lives you may live are also on the Crystalline Grid. It helps to posture who you'll be the next time around. I cannot explain this to you and I'm not going to try, except to say that there is purpose in all these things. Many have called it karma, a continuation of unfinished business, much like waking up tomorrow to the errands of the day that you didn't get to yet. The errands wait for you... they are the future. But in the case of an interdimensional energy, they have always been there, and will effect what you do when you wake up.

The Second Kind of Akashic Record

Now, let us move on to the teaching of today. There is another kind of Akashic Record, the second kind. There is a mini-Akashic record that occurs in your DNA itself upon birth. It is shaped in the womb and given at birth. This is the Akashic Record of who you are and who you have been on Earth. It also contains the potentials of what you might do, carried within the layers of the DNA within you. This may sound like the same attributes of the crystalline record in the Cave of Creation, but it is not. The record in the cave is for all humanity. It is connected to the Crystalline Grid of the earth. The purpose of the one in your DNA is personal discovery, awareness, karma, and life lessons.

It is esoteric. It is even odd to you, is it not? Some may even call it unbelievable that in your DNA is the record of who you ever were. Let us speak of that. We're going to talk about how it affects you. We're going to talk about what it means. All of these things we give you in a small amount of time, condensed into this message today.

Some of you are asking, “Well, Kryon, right away there is a puzzle. I understand what you're saying. You're about to teach the fact that we come in with many energies from the past. But what about the first timer on Earth? They have a crystal that has no rings, you might say. It has no energy of past expression, no past experience on Earth. So what about that? What happens then?”

This is a very logical question. There is a well-known energy of a newcomer that is unique to the planet. Most of you reading this have experienced it. Also, there are many newcomers! Know this: Kryon is very aware of geometric progression. That is to say that the Human Beings on this planet grow exponentially in number. As the population grows, that means, dear Human Beings, that there are many, many first timers. For whatever the percentage of those who are old souls, there's even a higher percentage of those who have never been here. We know that. It's part of the plan and the energy of Earth. So this message does not apply to those who have never been here. At other times, we have discussed the attributes of the first timer. You are beyond that.

I am aware of where I am, in this place you call Kelowna, in this country you call Canada. I speak of this now for those who will hear and read later of where we are. In this room of those hearing in real time, there is not one first timer. All of you have been here before. Therefore, this message is succinct and efficient for all of you in the room. There is no one here that it does not apply to. There are some here who are very old souls, original source souls called Lemurians. There are many of you who are not, but who have come into this planetary plain so many times that the etchings are by the hundreds on the grid. Old souls, you are, I speak to you now. Listen, because this is important to the Lightworkers.

It's in the DNA

A child is born and the DNA carries energies of the Akash right into his personality. Immediately these energies can be seen by all. The first thing that happens is karmic residue. Karma is real. Some of the most profound belief systems on this planet, which are esoteric, speak of this. Some of the oldest belief systems you have teach karma first. They know of this system of coming and going and what it means to have it.

We told you 19 years ago that karma was one of the first things that you could change in this new energy. We told you that the Lightworker will automatically drop it when they give pure intent to move to greater awareness. We told you it was the “implantation of permission to drop karma.” [Back in 1989, it was called “the implant”.] Karma is the energy carried over from a former lifetime regarding unfinished lessons, which need not be learned this time around for any of you. That is one of the gifts of the great shift upon you. This is not new news. Within our example above, the child that is born receives it. Most Humans Beings born today have karma, for not enough time has passed to create a karma-less Lightworker group that is being reincarnated. In our example, it is later that the child will decide to void his karma or not. [If voided in one lifetime, old core karmic issues do not carry over to the next.]

The set-up of life lessons and the energy of a child's personality is based upon the crystalline Akashic Record and is transferred to the child at birth. You might say, another day begins and the Human continues their overall “story” on Earth. The child begins to grow, and I've spoken of this before. I again say that mothers will agree, because they see that it doesn't matter where a child came from, or who the parents were... the child assumes the Akashic Record and the energy from their own past lives. Mothers know this, for they experience children coming from the same set of parents who are vastly different from each other. One will have talent, one will not. One will have fears, one will not. It only can be explained, dear Human Being, by what I am telling you that is in the DNA. They are resonating to the Akashic Record of their own past. They are coming right from the Cave of Creation where they have their past life's attributes imbued into their DNA, and they start their journeys. Genealogy considered, they may look like the mother and father, and even have some of the personality attributes of their parents, but the core issues of their lives [life lessons] come from their own past lives. Let us discuss what they get when they come in [arrive on Earth].

Fear or non-fear: A Human's “fear quotient” will depend upon what they've learned and what they've gone through in the past. Indeed, if they're old souls, they've fearless about life, for they've walked through the major fears over and over. Some are warriors and very strong. They walk into situations as if they own reality. If they've only been here a few times, less than 30 or 40, they are still afraid. Some come from a fearful lifetime where all they did was fear. There was fear in their death and fear in their life and you can see it in their eyes. They're afraid of life itself. Mothers all over the planet spend much of their time trying to take their children out of fear! They love their children and can't understand why they are so tentative about everything. But the mothers know that they didn't create it. It came from somewhere else.

Desires: Watch the children develop their own personal desires. What do they like regarding food? What do they like regarding music? What do they like to entertain them? What soothes them, or irritates them, or makes them angry? They're all very different and don't necessarily relate to the biological parents. Interesting, is it not, why this would be? Let me tell you a secret: Watch what kind of food they like, for it will tell you where they used to be. Look at this, for it gives away a lot about what the DNA got used to, and again desires.

What music do they like? What soothes their soul? What do they look at? What attracts them? They're all different, but it's shaped by the DNA of the Akash... who they used to be, what they learned, and what the crystalline past gives them. Children love the fads of today. First timers will simply go with the flow and enjoy all the new things, since it's their first trip. Others will start that way, but will soon tire of them and go to the things that are “calling to them from their DNA.” This will include their past talents and interests. Many go “retro” immediately, much to the surprise of their elders. In their DNA is the record of all of the past lives that shapes who they are now.

Talent: They either have it or they don't. They can carry a tune or they cannot. Some of them come in filled with talent! Some are artists at birth, only carrying over what the Akash has given them in the immediate past life. In the DNA are lifetimes of drawing, colors, shapes and beautiful music. Some come in as maestros, and by the time they're three or four, it's only a matter of them finding the dexterity in their fingers again to play the keyboard or pluck the strings of a guitar. Some of them are drawn immediately to the instruments that they used to play, and their talent is way beyond what has been taught to them this time around. How do you explain this, Human Being? The Akash shapes it all.

Personality: As the child grows, their personality is shaped seemingly by their environment, but sometimes it's pleasing and sometimes it's not. As a parent, sometimes it seems completely out of your hands, yet you did everything right! You might wonder, “How did my child turn out this way? Why not the way I did? Why do I have to fight in order to get them to understand something like common sense? They really are not like me or my family.”

Later, as adults, they may go in ways that you didn't expect... ways you didn't teach them. You will wonder how your child could do something horrible like that. Others will say, “Isn't it beautiful that my child has a perfect consciousness. They think like I do. I was good at what I taught them.” Let me tell you the truth, dear Human Being. Your children are often your parents! [from long ago] They come into the karmic group to keep teaching you, and you them. Families incarnate with families in groups of training, especially enlightened training. That is to say, there is a system of enlightenment. Did you expect this? That is to say this, dear Human Being, the reward of your work on this planet - listen to me - the reward of your work on this planet will be etched in the crystalline as the potentials of who is born from the loins of you. Quite often the enlightened child is only picking up what they taught you originally... remembering their own past experiences and their own life lessons. It's easy for you to take credit for it, but it wasn't really you who gave it to them. It's a circle of training child to parent, parent to child.

This means that you, sitting here, will probably populate Lightworkers in this planet, even if they don't believe what you believe. They will be children of light. That is to say, their hearts will resound with the information that you had in your cellular structure. That's what you passed to them. That's part of the system. It's complicated. It's a combination of who they came from, their decisions in the karmic way of who their parents were, who they were and what energies they wish to continue. But I will tell you that the desire and the permission is there in the DNA of both of you. When you get to the other side of the veil, you choose your family for the next expression, and you can come back and you can say, “I want to be in the same family,” and continue in the lineage of light. Profound, it is. Difficult, it is. Beautiful, it is.

All grown up... the adult: The growing is over and there stands the adult. Fears, desires, talents or not, personality traits and phobias are all intact. This is common to man. And here's where it gets good: Up to this point, this is what you accept, dear Human Being, as who you are. Automatically, this is who you are and you begin to work with these attributes. You feel they are the “way of it,” normal, and that it is like nature... something that just “is” and can't be changed. And the only thing that we say to you is, “How 3D of you!” For that is the only way you think: “This is the deal that has been given to me this time around. It's the hand that has been dealt and I am this.” And you begin to walk through life working with whatever “this” is.

The Next Great Ability of the Human Being

For years, the psychologists have been telling you that you could actually change yourself by what you think. Even out of a spiritual context, they say, “The power of positive thinking can actually change your life.” They know this. It's about energy, and they are correct. It's also a hint of what's wrong with your thinking. New energy came in 1987. The grid shifted and the crystalline moved. The earth itself vibrates differently today than it did back then. We told you when we arrived, “You have changed your future.” We told you about new gifts and now we will describe one of the best ones. It was always there, only now it is enhanced.

Why did you decide that the cells in your body could control you? Why did you decide that the genes that you have biologically were forever? Who told you this? Let me give you an old energy paradigm: “Whoever I am, I am. God created me this way for a reason and so I'll make the best of it. I will do the best I can with what I have been given.” Doesn't sound too bad, does it? To some of you, it sounds fine. Now I'm going to say it again: Welcome to an interdimensional shift, for the entire thinking of the Human can be revised to include the new gifts!

“Whatever I was born with doesn't matter. I am in control of my biology, my immune system and my awareness. God created me as a divine creature able to claim the past energies within my Akash... and to totally shift my biology and my countenance and strengths into whatever I desire.”

Does this sound impossible? There are profound teachers right now instructing Humans how to “think above the gene.”* Medical science is telling you that your DNA is not your destiny!** In other words, this whole idea is occurring to all of humanity, since it is time. Let's discuss the sacred part of it.

Everything you have is changeable right down to the diseases that you currently carry in your blood. It's only the Akash, you know? It's part of your DNA, so it belongs to you. Listen to me: If the storehouse of who you used to be, which is contained in your own DNA, included a beautiful, young, healthy Human Being, it is, therefore, still there! Perhaps it included the ability to do certain kinds of things, being an artist, being the orator, the writer, the warrior, the self-confident one, the one who could stand tall and walk straight? Do you understand that this is all “you?” It's all still there. But, you say, “That's a nice thought, Kryon, but it's in the past. You can't touch the past.” I say, how linear of you! For the new gifts are you, in a nonlinear attitude towards cellular structure. Delinearize your life and you will find that not only can you touch these things, you can mine them (extract them from the source). You can glean them easily! “I like the idea, Kryon. How do I do it? I'm ready.”

Mining the Akash

I'll give you the first step. You've got to believe it. Don't believe it because I said it's there. You've got to believe it so strongly that it's as real, biologically, as your arm. When you look at your arm, you say, “I have an arm and it is there and I can see it.” There's no question, and your brain knows it, too. The matter around you knows it, and to prove it, you can pick up things with it. No question about it. It's your arm.

Now, how do you feel when you say, “I have an Akashic Record in my DNA. I have a record inside me of all that I ever was, which I can access.” Tell me what parts of your body object to that statement. I'll answer - all of the linear ones! Logic will yell at you, “You can't do it. You cannot change who you are.” And it will be wrong about that.