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Quantum Patterning

Here is a milestone channelling about future patterns yet to be seen and discovered in physics, and Human Consciousness. Kryon speaks about the coming discoveries of being able to actually see previous invisible attributes of our world, and what they might look like. He speaks of gravity being one, and within days of this channelling, new “gravity waves” were discovered! We are beginning a new era of discovery, but the biggest one will be what is around the Human Being.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

This is a time where my partner steps aside. We say this again so you know he is not part of the consciousness of the message. Channelling may seem mysterious and odd to you, for it uses the Human Being's intellect, education, voice, maturity and wisdom, but the message comes from somewhere else. My partner calls it a steady stream of intuitive thought groups. My partner is here but he's not here. When I say, “He steps aside,” he literally opens this vessel [body] and through the pineal and his Higher-Self comes the messages you hear. I tell you this so you'll know it's not him speaking.

There is energy all around you, and there are invisible things around you. This morning we talked about the “Kryon Entourage”, and it is still here. It's not countable, since it's pure energy. So much of what you see around you, sense around you, and feel around you is energy. Energy comes in many, many forms, and not all of it is even documented as energy. For you to believe this message about energy, often times Humans need to quantify it and qualify it. You want to measure its vibrational attributes, and sometimes you can't. The reason you can't is because your science is not there yet. This is not a criticism of science, but a simple fact that there is more to learn. Sound happened without ears to hear it, and light is there without eyes to see it.

The Bias of Science

There is a question for Kryon that I've been asked before: “Is the esoteric world something that someday we'll know more about through science?” And the answer is yes. At the moment, because of an earth that has not yet come into its own, there are many things that are separated and linearized that would be far more understood if they were not. We've spoken of it before - the highest education universities and colleges on the planet have decided to separate out all studies into categories. This is done for specialization and efficiency, but it comes with a price.

Physics, chemistry, biology and medicine are all approached as if they are standalone sciences. Of course, they are related, but there is no place in education campuses where there is an “integration building” for putting it all together. There will be some who will say, “Well, of course, we have to do it this way because each one needs its own curriculum of study. There's simply no way we could put it together, since it needs to be studied independently. There is simply too much to know about each.” Let me tell you something, dear Human: There is indeed a way to put these things together. You just haven't thought of it yet and haven't considered the “integration” phase of this puzzle. If you knew the profundity of the relationship everything had to everything, you would immediately understand that a change is needed. You can have “integration steps” or reviews. But even that is missing.

One thing leads to another and discoveries are made. But since you study the isolated properties of one area of science, the discoveries often enhance only the one science. Chemistry leads to more chemistry, etc., and only chemists are involved. There are actual puzzles in each of the independent studies that are only solvable by integration into the others. But quite often they remain puzzles since nobody is “looking around” to the other areas of study. Did you know that it has only been recently that science has postulated the idea that the magnetic field of the planet is needed for life? I told you this in 1993, yet there is still no hard science to show it, even with all your tools. The bias of separating the sciences has kept many things from you. You just didn't want to put physics with biology.

There are ways of integrating all of it, especially chemistry and physics. When you start doing this, dear ones, it will lead to great discovery, but that won't happen as long as it's separated. You have specialists in one field and specialists in another. Sometimes they get together and party and that's about it. They don't really get together to discuss what they're specializing in. How can you separate these things and be a complete scientist?

It took you more than 20 years to discover that more than 90 percent of DNA was data, not code-containing chemistry. All this time, it was called “junk” because you misdiagnosed it. It took linguists to discover it. They saw language pattern, not chemistry patterns. This is what is wrong with only having chemists and biologists look at complex and unknown chemistry puzzles. Your assumptions and biases kept this beautiful information from you for decades.

The Coming Integration of Science

So the first prediction we give you is an academic one. There is a new consciousness coming and with it comes new wisdom. There will be some “scientific common sense” that will see the incredible value of aligning together confluences of study that used to be separate. That's the best I can give you, not the details.

However, it's so obvious that it needs to be this way, that there will come a day when you'll look back and say, “What were we thinking?” Can you imagine a world where no foods ever got mixed together for a meal, then suddenly specialized chefs get together and make major food discoveries? Far-reaching ingredients go together and make better meals. What a concept!

Can you imagine how communications would be if you tried learning a language and you had to report to the verb building, then the adjective department and, lastly, the noun pavilion? Nobody would be able to speak the language, only discuss it as to what the “puzzle of the parts” contains. The language of physics is going to be seen and will bring you some revelations about biology, chemistry and consciousness.

The channel today is about the coming new consciousness and how it will change things. There are some new things we wish to tell you and some things we want to discuss with you. We love to talk about the future of humanity and the potentials before you.

The Vast Invisible World That is Before You

What do you know about invisible things? First, let's discuss invisible things that are not esoteric. Let's go into that which is real to you and also invisible. Let's go to what you call the brass tacks of invisibility. There are multiple, physical, profound and powerful energies around you that interface with you every single day, but that are completely and totally invisible to you as Human Beings. However, you accept them and you work with them and you say, “Well, they're invisible but that's just the way things are. It doesn't bother me.”

Gravity. Everyone on Earth is affected by gravity! But it's invisible! We have given you many channellings on the physics of gravity, and we have told you that it is variable and controllable, and eventually you'll know why. We told you that it is not necessarily linked to mass in the empirical way you think. In fact, you can tune it to the amount you want if you knew a little more about how to change the mass of objects. It's just a matter of time and discovery, and what will follow will be very reasonable and very logical scientifically. One thing leads to another and leads to another and, finally, there will be discoveries that allow you to do things, which in the past seemed scientifically ludicrous. Someday gravity will be able to be seen and measured with instruments you have yet to discover. When you know more about the physics of gravity, you will know how to see it in all its glory. It's coming.

The science of anything becomes more real to you when you can see the physical patterns of it. By the way, when you can finally see the patterns of gravity, you will understand a little bit more about how to alter it. There will be secrets revealed within the patterns you can't see at the moment. Quantum things do not exist in a way you can see them as you are used to in 3D. This will require discoveries that are coming that will be scientific and developed with a new understanding and consciousness. That's just one.*

The Coming Patterns

My partner speaks of the magnetic field constantly. You know it's there, because your compasses point to the top of it. Something is physically there, and it's invisible. This couch of consciousness that you sit in, which literally is tied to life force on the planet, is completely and totally invisible. Yet there'll come a time when it's not. Your eyes won't see it, dear ones, but the instruments to come will. Imagine seeing gravity? Imagine seeing the magnetic field? What is it going to look like? What will the instruments tell you are the colors and the vibrations? Will there be patterns, or will it simply be a swirling mass of energy?

Let me tell you a secret that is not a secret to any physicist or any biologist. Everything has patterns - everything. The fractals are always there. The big to the little, the little to the big and the very shapes of the patterns and designs of everything you see are literal giveaways to what creates them. This will then lead you to the next step. You'll understand why the magnetic grid does what it does, and you'll understand how it allies with biology and Human thinking. You may even be able to tune it slightly for health! These things are all coming. It's going to be science, and it's not going to be esoterics, but it will lead to beautiful esoteric discovery.

We have told you over and over again that there will come a time when these very instruments will be turned toward Human Beings and a revelation will occur in science. It will be revealed clearly that Human Beings have some kind of quantumness around them. As the instruments become more fine-tuned, there will be ways of actually seeing and measuring the patterns around the Human Being. Dear ones, this is the sacred physics of the Human - the Merkabah.

You better put these things together soon, because if you stay in the boxes and the compartments, you won't receive answers. You won't understand the correlations and the confluences and how they work with one another. Scientists, it's time to think out of the box of specialization. This is a linear approach to solving problems that are circular.

The Predictions of the Future

All of these above things, I predict. I can predict these things because the potentials are here. These identical potentials have been seen before in other societies that have gotten to the place that you are in, with the science similar to what you have. I can predict this because it's happened before, and some in this room will understand that the ball is rolling [teaching about reality in the seminar]. It's inevitable. There are scientists on this planet right now who are getting insight that will lead to these very discoveries in the future. All of it is coming your way. There is a logical progression to thinking and wisdom. You walk before you run and, therefore, I can tell you these things are coming.

Let me tell you something now about this room you are in - don't be afraid [Kryon being funny]. Did you know there are invisible things in this room that are dangerous? Did you know that right now in this room there are invisible things that are lurking that can lead to disease if you're not careful? Did you know that? They are here with you! Gasp! Don't be afraid, don't be afraid because they are - germs!

Now, if I had said that 100 years ago, there would be disbelief. “Ah, this is just esoteric talk, and no such thing could be real.” Many laughed and laughed at the idea. But your science made it real to you. When you developed the instruments that could see tiny microscopic attributes of life, a whole new world opened up. It was hidden all along, but suddenly science made it real. Do you see where I'm going with this? Dear ones, it is your legacy to come to the place where your science and your physics and your knowledge start to ally with the confluence of a new, wiser consciousness. You will have new invention, and it will open up many areas of tremendous help for you.

These inventions are going to give you as much water as you will ever need to grow things, and to drink, almost anywhere on Earth. The salt in your oceans will easily be removed with real-time, efficient inventions that use magnetics. Energy will be far easier to obtain, and it will be produced in abundance with free and abundant heat. Population growth won't be an issue, since higher consciousness will create the wisdom of knowing when and if to have children (as the indigenous have been doing for thousands of years). You'll look back someday and say, “We were foolish. We didn't know anything about anything, and it's amazing we even survived.” I'm telling you this because of what's coming. It leads me to talk about Human consciousness.

Human Consciousness

What do you think consciousness is? “Well, Kryon, it's thinking. It's the way people think. You might say consciousness is the description of the paradigm of thinking.” Indeed, it is! But you left out the part of the valuation of high and low thinking. What might happen if you developed physics instruments that could actually see consciousness? “Kryon, do you mean that it is seeable?” Of course, it's physics! What happens when you are frustrated and crash your computer or drain a battery. Is that not an interface with physical things? A major discovery, using weather satellites, has shown continuous correlation between variations in the strength of the magnetic field and mass consciousness of Human compassion. In other words, against all prevailing knowledge, the magnetic field reacts to international disasters and celebrations!** Consciousness is related to physics. With the right equipment, you will someday see the patterns. It's coming.

The Coming Patterns of Humanity

What I want to do is reveal something I've never revealed before, and that is what the Human consciousness patterns are going to look like. Now, we've established the premise that multidimensional physics has the potential to reveal many patterns of heretofore invisible things. Almost everything involving quantum energy will have patterns to see. It's no surprise. What do you think the patterns would look like if you could see the consciousness of a person? Now, this is individual consciousness, as opposed to mass consciousness. This pattern will be physical, individual and will have a field. Eventually, because of this, it will be measurable and will have patterning - the “patterning of you”.

You think this is too far-fetched? If simple discoveries and experiments have already picked up the physics of mass consciousness change, why would you doubt that this would then be refined in the future? What will it look like? I'll give you two examples. The two greatest Human consciousness energy producers are in pairs: Fear and hatred, compassion and love. They are on both ends of the spectrum and they're both powerful, extremely powerful. They can set off alarms; they can crash your computer; they can soften your heart; they can affect your chemistry; and they can do it from across the room or across the planet. Have you ever sat in a room where somebody was angry and you knew it? It's palpable; you can feel it. When this happens, you don't want to stay there. You'd like to leave. When someone is angry or hateful, you say, “There's a dark cloud here.” You are sensing energy and the specific patterning of it. Would it be a different energy if that person were a master and was sending love? Yes! Then you would say, “I love this place! I want to remain here and soak up this feeling.” You have just defined the pattern of consciousness!

All energy, anywhere in the Universe, has ways of being measured and seen. There will be ways to see patterning in everything. It may start out as simple waves, but eventually elegant patterns will be seen with better instruments. Those who have sat in the room with the great masters of this planet have felt the overwhelming love and compassion of the creative source, and it comes in waves of euphoria. It makes you weep with joy because you're connected to everything. That's energy! Do you see what I'm saying? Can you measure love? Yes! It's patterned and you can see it. An entire new world will eventually open up. Let me show you what the patterns are.

The Patterns - LOW

Now, these are predictions. But they are predictions because of the potentials that are coming. It's a potential so strong that it's a certainty. There will come a day when these patterns are able to be seen. When they are Human consciousness patterns, you're going to see something very interesting. The patterns I am going to give you right now will be validated when it occurs. This channelling will be heard by thousands, so it will be easy to find for reference.

First, let's talk about that which is the lowest consciousness, but very powerful. Understand that low consciousness carries incredible power and so does high consciousness. However, the low or the high is not a measure of its effective power, but rather it's only a measure of the vibration. Do not mix this up with frequency, for the technology of this is not that linear. What is seen in the patterning is the vibration of thought, and where it can go or where it can't go, or how restricted or expansive it is. Power, or force, is very profound. You already know that. The power of hate creates evil and fear and is very strong. The power of fear can enslave nations if they are not careful. You know of its power from the past. So let's talk about the specific pattern it will create on an instrument to come, measuring it with an individual who has that attribute.

Low consciousness will create extremely basic and simple patterns. These patterns create or emanate a strong circle - a confluence of energy that is going to come together to make a barrier to other higher vibrations. It's going to appear to be a circle around the individual or the energy of the consciousness the individual is creating. The circle is like a patterned prison, or a basic fractal that does not repeat. It holds itself within itself, and the pattern will not be aware of anything outside its own circle. The strength comes from the fact that it is so powerful that others may be influenced by it and easily join it for a stronger circle. The circle will then become wider and greater in its entrapment of consciousness around it, creating an even bigger circle, but only one circle.

Now, you think perhaps I'm talking in language you don't understand? Perhaps, but here's the point: It's simple. It's a container that is a circle and it cannot see out of itself. It only sees itself, and it only knows of its own evil. It makes judgments and decisions based only on what it knows within itself. It's low consciousness. Its agenda is itself, and it sees nothing else. The circle can enslave those who are thinking the same. It can become a larger circle but can never get out of itself. It cannot see beyond what it knows. There is no patterning outside of the circle that belongs to the circle. It's restrictive. It will be profoundly obvious: Simple, low vibratory, basic survival.

The Patterns - HIGH

Now let's talk about the other one. This is a higher consciousness of love, compassion, high-minded thinking, integrity and caring. What does it look like? Standby, because I cannot give it all to you. It creates multiple fractals. It creates a confluence of energy that then creates more of itself in the way of harmonics of itself [many more fractals of higher frequencies that are specific multiples of the original]. These fractal waves emanate outward, enhancing that which is around it in a never-ending cycle. It's expansive; it's catchy [additive]; it's structured in a complex fashion; and the harmonics create other fractals way beyond their own scope. It has an influence with other matter everywhere.

So, from the most simple to the most complex, what do you see is the real difference in the patterns? One is restrictive and powerful by its singularity. The other one is expansive and powerful within its multiple expansiveness. Up to this point, dear ones, on this planet Human consciousness has tended to circle itself in the lowest vibration possible. Hatred, war, argumentative attitudes, rudeness, unkindness - because it was all survival. Winning was the only thing in the circle. This is the way Humans survived! It then became group against group, country against country, circle against circle, and that's what you got from this pattern. It created mass death and incredible sorrow. Human to Human is also what you got, and the circle pattern was one that the consciousness could not expand from. So all it did was repeat itself, repeat itself, repeat itself. Welcome to the history of the planet.

There were no harmonics to send out, and there was no expansiveness. There was no growth and only stagnation, and it repeated itself. It had nowhere to go, since it could not “see” anything higher than itself.

Dear ones, the energy on this planet is going to change the old patterns. The patterns of consciousness lay in the attributes of the magnetic grid of the planet, as altered by the heliosphere of the sun. This grid, combined with the new place you are in space [where your solar system is headed], are going to modify the patterns of both of these consciousness examples and are going to make the one that is most complex with fractals far more powerful than the basic survival one. Did you get this? The new energy is changing how humanity reacts to the other Human fractals! It's time to grow up, and Human consciousness will evolve and no longer will there be a scale of light and dark like the scales of justice because the evil will then measure a far less powerful influence over compassionate and complex harmonic vibrations. Light will simply outweigh the simplistic patterns of the evil on the planet by a huge margin.

The Darkness Can't See Beyond Itself

I want to give you proof yet again of something unusual and very telling of the way low vibration works. Within the first channel of the year [2016], I spoke about the young North Korean leader. I'm going to do it again. I'm going to do it again as a profound example of how low consciousness cannot see above itself. That means that it can only work with what it sees and knows. As powerful, as smart, as intellectual as it thinks it is, it can't get out of its own circle.

The former leader of North Korea was a classic egotist. When he died, his son took over and could do anything he wanted. This boy had watched his father for decades and knew he would take over someday. Naturally, he inherited the attributes his father taught him of self-importance, and he also became egotistically driven to the max. When he took power, he had the choice to make changes that would allow him to be even greater than his father. He wanted something that would elevate his name and his position to the highest egotistic place imaginable. His father was the model, and now he could do anything he wanted to be even more famous. What happened is classic. He completely missed the greatest opportunity that any man has had to become the most famous and beloved person on the earth. The idea never occurred to him. Even though he had been educated in the western world, he missed it.

If he had considered the high road and included the earth instead of a restricted population of his own country, he could have been the most famous and beloved leader on Earth, all of his life. At the moment he took over, all he had to do was to think beyond his circle. He was in the unique position to be a “wild card” and do something amazing - unify North and South Korea, drop the zone of death that was between those countries, bring families together after generations, stop nuclear programs that he really never needed other than to look important and, thereby, give his people abundance, food for all and peace in his region. All of Korea would worship him and the earth would give a sigh of relief in thanks for his wisdom and courage.

He would have received standing ovations upon entering the United Nations great room and they would bow before him and give him the highest peace prizes. He would have his ego stroked and stroked and stroked and stroked and be far greater than his father had ever been. But it never occurred to him. Instead, he perpetuated the dark box he inherited, and now he presides over the lowest energy possible, representing the most dangerous renegade energy on the planet. At the expense of keeping his people poor and impoverished and creating instability in his region, he gets to be a powerful and famous person for a moment in time from a small population. He will not last long. He can't see that what he is doing has no support within the majority of the planet's population, and he will lose everything. Isn't it interesting how strong the circle is that keeps a low vibration low. All of this is beginning to change, dear ones. If you examine individual people and the way they act, you're going to see this coming. You're going to recognize it.

The Individuals

An individual comes to you and he is angry. He is rude and unkind. Everything out of his mouth is rude and hateful, and you walk away from that experience thinking, “What is wrong with that person?” I want to tell you this: Nothing is wrong with him. He is simply invested in survival. Unkindness and rudeness will get attention and will set the stage for being noticed. It carries an energy, although it's not one that you may like, that commands attention and perhaps even authority by fear. Again, you may not like it, but this is what someone like this survives on, and many are this way. In an old energy, it works for them, and there is nothing they can see to take its place. For them, it means they will survive a world where everyone wants what they have. In fact, there are cultures today, even today, that are invested in rudeness because they say compassion and kindness is equated with weakness. They think, “You're not going to conquer anyone with compassion and kindness. It's for the weak people of the planet.” From their perspective, they cannot see out of the survival circle, so to this day they come at you with low energy force, rudeness and unkindness. They have no idea there is something better.

When you see this today, it's starting to smack of that which you don't want. Most of the earth is tired of this approach and is looking for a much more elegant way of being. A compassionate person is not a weak person at all. The energy around a compassionate person invites you in. The energy around a rude person pushes you out. Do you see the differences that we're talking about? Which would you rather have?

I just gave you the patterns. Here's what I'm telling you: Human consciousness is starting to rise above what it was, because that which is the light and dark ratio of the planet has changed, and the light is starting to win. It means that compassion, integrity and kindness shine a light so bright that people will see that far faster and easier than unkindness and force. Rudeness and unkindness will eventually be seen as dysfunctional behavior and you'll walk away. It tells you a lot about a person's energy and where they are and what they think. It's old, it's survival for many, but the new survival will be light and high consciousness and many will start to see it.

Those with higher attributes are going to live longer. Eventually they're going to be your leaders, and that's what you want. Elections will change because of it, business will change because of it, and you're going to be seeing more light, more compassion and more real solutions because of the ripple effect, where the harmonics of the fractals go everywhere. When you're compassionate, everybody feels it. Did you know that a compassionate person is seen as safe? Safe! “Let's be with this person because she listens and because it's enjoyable to sit next to her. Did you feel the energy around her? Wasn't it great?”

These balanced individuals are safe to be around. They're not going to hurt you. They are not going to compete with you or say unkind or insensitive things to you. They're going to listen to you, and they're going to love you. You're going to want that in business, aren't you? Is this too strange for you? Is it too strange to think that in the future you will have this as a normality? You're going to be able to see it and measure it, and you'll even know why it works. It's going to change the planet.

This isn't all science, dear ones. Human consciousness is going to eventually move out of survival. It's going to come out of the darkness into a more elegant kind of survival - a system where the ones who survive are going to be able to put things together elegantly instead of conquering and tearing things apart. These will be regular people who will look beyond judgment and will look beyond differences in faith systems. These are individuals who will see God everywhere, in all systems, and expect good things first. They will see differences in belief systems in the same way there are differences in food selections. This is a wise Human who is balanced.

It's coming, and some of it is here already. That's all I wanted to tell you in this message. Where are you? What is your pattern? Are you starting to feel the reality of this? It's beginning to be safe, dear ones. It's safe to relax and drop your guard a bit, to look around and be more compassionate and more kind. Some of you are still expecting something bad from left field. It's like you came out of the cave and you're still not sure that the Bengal tiger is really gone. The tigers are the old energy, and they are fleeing in all directions. The remnants of this old energy, evil and darkness, are losing ground everywhere. The reality of this diminishing darkness is everywhere, and it is starting to show itself, focus itself, and it knows its days are numbered. When you see this struggle, know it's good news. It means the end of this old world consciousness is coming.

If you did a poll of nations on the planet of men and women with families, they want peace! They don't want to conquer each other and they don't want leaders who will do that. They don't want to annihilate each other over limited resources or just be powerful. The tide has changed and the consciousness of the plant overwhelmingly wants what every mother and father wants for their children. It's the beginning of hundreds of countries coming together and planning ways to create a balanced peace and a oneness - to get along. Cultural differences will always be there. But compassion and balance are common Human attributes. You have a great deal in common that new wisdom will show you.

You didn't have this balance 100 years ago. This is what is different today and what is different to your future. You will stop repeating the past and instead grow in the maturity and wisdom of the beautiful fractals and harmonics of compassion.

Welcome to the New Earth. It's coming.

And so it is.


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