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The Cosmology Of The Universe

This channelling contains a lot of scientific cosmos history but it tells the magnificent story of the creation of the Universe. So it’s not exactly light reading, but within this article is an answer to a question posed by many:”If there are ET’s out there, why haven’t they officially contacted us?”Interested?

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. I am aware of this day and what is being said at this conference. I am also aware of those in the chairs in front of me, and also of those in the chairs who are listening from your future. I’ve said it before: It’s all the same time frame for me.

Time is not what you think it is, dear ones. For you, it is linear, but for us, it is all at once. There is no difference between you, right now, as you sit here, and you, a thousand years ago, in another body. We see your soul, and that is the “you” we know. We know your name, and it’s the name we sing in light, because the you we know is your eternal Soul.

Each of you is part of a family that is so much larger than the one you think you are a part of, and I want to tell a story about that. It’s going to be the story of you, but not the one you expect and not one I’ve necessarily told in this fashion before.

It’s a grand story that stands alone with its purity and its truth and its accuracy, but most scientists won’t agree at all. If you want to know about beginnings, you’re not in luck today. The reason? There aren’t any! This is a premise that humanity and Humans in general cannot conceive of. The term “no beginning and no end” sounds fine for a meditation, but not for an actual reality. Yet, this term is totally accurate in all ways, but the perception of its reality does not exist.

SCIENCE TALK (before the good stuff)

Humans think of everything as a string. “How long is a string?” you may ask. Well, it’s as long as you want it to be, but even the premise of your question gives away your linearity. You assume that string has two things in common with everything you believe. It has a beginning and an end, and this is the way you think about absolutely everything. Therefore, you ask how long it is.

Anything you can think of in your perception has a beginning and an end. You, your life, your job, your car … the universe – everything has a beginning and an end. You think this way because that is the way your daily linear existence seems to be. If you understood about time, the multidimensionality of the things we have been speaking of today, you would start to understand that almost everything you can think of is not the way it seems. What if I told you that the string has no beginning and has no end? “Okay, I’ll tie it into a circle. Then the string has no beginning or end because it’s in a circle.” That’s not accurate at all. That’s just the Human Being trying to work with a mind-puzzle about a reality concept that is not available yet. You just make the string into a circle, so you are happy with that concept.

Want to try something? THINK: What if something always was? Is this possible? Would you say there was a beginning of God? All the theologians will say, “No, no, no, because God always was.” Follow the logic: If God always was, that would mean that the pieces and parts of God are the same. You can’t select what parts of God are different to suit you. You and your Soul are a part of this as well, and therefore, “You always existed.”

What if the Creator, who was always there, and never had a beginning, also never had a “creation beginning” of the things that the Creator is responsible for? That would mean that universes were always there. Yes, dear ones, I said universes (plural). TRUTH: There are multiverses even today. You think your universe is beyond measure and size and scope? Think of that multiplied many times. There have always been multiverses and there is a creative system that goes to make another universe on a regular basis. How do you like that so far?

There was no “first universe.” It’s a part of God – always was and always will be. However, within the scope of all of this, there are, indeed, new universe creations all the time. One of those creations would be your universe, created from other multiverses that were always there.

“Kryon, I know it’s semantics, but isn’t the creation of a universe, a beginning?” It’s not a beginning if it’s simply an extension of what always was. Again, this is your mind trying to fit everything into the slots of the “string” perception you want to have. Your universe was not “created.” It was manifest from the spark of “what was always there.”

You might ask, “How is it that multiverses would create a new universe?” This idea is pure physics that will someday be acknowledged and seen to be true. Right now, there is even discussion around changing your “Big Bang” idea, based on new information. Indeed, science is talking about the potential of multiverses. It’s starting to disturb even the greatest minds who used to believe in the “Big Bang” theory, that you could suddenly receive everything – all the matter in the universe – from nothing – that somehow exploded into everything.

Your universe is a result of other universes colliding, if you want to use that term. But they don’t actually collide (more in a moment). Think of it as an extension of energy that exploded into more of what was, but just as an altered reality.

There are many kinds of physics, even though you feel there is simply one kind. In other galaxies, even within your own universe, physics is a bit different. This is because the rules of physics in a closed environment (a galaxy) molds itself to the kinds of things that created it. “Kryon, you talk in circles.” Indeed, it must seem that way to you. I talk in circles because you don’t have the ability to connect the dots to the straight lines yet, that make up the circles. You just don’t know what any of this means yet.

There is something I will describe as a membrane. It’s a dimensional membrane that surrounds a universe that makes it a universe. However, if you have many universes together – a multiverse, you may have a situation where, occasionally, those membranes touch.

When those multidimensional membranes touch, dear ones, there are sparks. I’m being metaphorical. This was the beginning of your universe, which was actually an extension of another. What you think of as a Big Bang wouldn’t make sense even to a child. If a child asks, “Where did we come from?” And you say, “In the beginning, there was nothing and, suddenly, there was everything.” The child might ponder that a bit, and say, “But wait a minute, didn’t the everything have to come from something if there was nothing?” That’s when the physicist stops for a moment and says, “Go away, kid!”

Even the beginning of your universe, if you want to call it that, had something special: It wasn’t matter created from nothing, dear ones, it was matter that was always there, expanding or exploding into a dimensionality that you know, today, as your universe, and then expanding even more to what you see in the sky, today.

The expansion then slowly became a multitude of galaxies. The galaxies changed a bit, and then, over time, the matter that was zooming around at first, cooled and settled down after billions of years. In those billions of years (and this is the important part), the same processes that created life on your planet began to created life on many others.

A Grand, Common-Sense Truth (The good stuff)

All life is created naturally from the processes and the elements that you all see every day. The same periodic table of elements, plus or minus the ones you might not have discovered yet, are present everywhere in your galaxy. The same things that created your life on your Earth, created life everywhere. You have that in common with all the stars and planets. The elements are the same and the energy reactions in science are the same. When you put them together with the same kinds of sizes of suns, gravity, atmospheric changes, and water, what you get is … many Earths and life.

How could it be otherwise, you might say? How could you look at the stars and say that you’re totally and completely alone, simply because no one has yet said hello? That, by the way, is a common theory: “Since nobody has ever said hello, therefore, they don’t exist.” This is a theory arrived at by some very intelligent people. There’s a reason they haven’t said “hello.” dear ones. I’ll tell you at the end of this article, if you don’t already know.

They’re out there, dear ones. Slowly, as the universe cooled and the galaxies formed the way you see them today, the stars and the planets around their stars began to develop, and within that naturally evolving physical scenario, the scheme of life began – everywhere. To think otherwise would be counterintuitive to the natural way of things that you even see on Earth.

The Delayed Earth

Where was Earth when life began on other planets in your galaxy? The answer is that it was in its infancy, doing the same things all the rest were doing, since it’s roughly the same age as the others. However, the natural and slow formation of life is often different from one place to another because it doesn’t always come together the same way. Life on Earth had as many as five starts, dear ones. The beginning microbial kinds of life that started the process on all planets couldn’t be sustained here because the system didn’t have all the parts needed to survive yet. Other planets had the same kinds of processes but had the chemistry that allowed survival much earlier – and so, they had a massive head start on you – millions of years before actual life began here, there was life in other places. It wasn’t until your elements came together to create photosynthesis, that life began to flourish.

The natural progression of life as you know it here, happened everywhere until something was ready to change … a spiritual intervention on many, many worlds: Dear ones, many planets have their own creation story, where divine souls were imbued into Human-like bodies, and the spark of divinity arrived on their worlds, just like yours. In that process, like you, they were given free choice to then “find the Creator of Love, or not.”

Meanwhile, back on the Earth, you had another try, and fail, at life.

Indeed, what you would call those who are angels or appeared to be angels, gave the spark of life to a planetary society and gave them the knowledge of core truth and their own magnificence. They were “Made in the Image of the Creator.” exactly as you were, and just like you, their civilizations began. They were made in the image of love.

These civilizations were not tests of the individuals or their actions, but rather, they were tests of the energy of dark and light that developed in their consciousness. The test is always the same: When left alone, can those who have this spark of divinity, find the Creator? Will they acknowledge that they have a soul ... more than biology? In time, will they try to emulate the best parts of the “love image”? With free choice, will they discover multidimensionality and ascend into a greater consciousness? Will they find God inside themselves, as it was put there for them to find?

[The inhabitants of] these planets worked this puzzle over a great amount of time, as you measure it, and yes … some of them, indeed, went into ascension. They found out what multidimensional things were like. They realized the darkness they were in and they pulled themselves out of it. Thousands of years would go by before they realized that their consciousness had changed and had become so high on their planet that they could even live hundreds and hundreds of years. With their consciousness alone, they could change the very physics of their planet. Some developed quickly and others did not.

Meanwhile, the Earth finally was seeing life and it began to flourish.

And when those who realized the soul within was really part of the divine Creator, they knew their purpose: To pass this on to another planet [whose inhabitants] might have the same opportunity. So, when it was time and [they were] ready, they looked around and saw that it was good – and they turned their eyes upon another cluster of stars far away, and they put themselves on some of those other planets on those stars, to start another sequence of choices, to start building a family of ascended masters and planets that would change the vibration of the universe in the future – all with free choice.

Eventually, with enough of them having moved into ascension status, they looked at another star cluster beyond theirs and another beyond that one, and on and on it went. Dear ones, on it went for a million or more years.

Meanwhile, Earth was blooming, and Humans were here. It was time for the closest ascended ones to you, to visit, imbue you with the divinity you deserve, give you that beautiful soul, and turn you loose to see what you would do with it. This was your Adam and Eve story, just like they themselves had with other ascended planets when they were ready. These ascended ones were the closest things to an Angel you would ever see, and many, to this day, were labeled as angels in your history books and archives.

You are “the new kids on the block.” dear ones. Believe me – new – brand new, fresh, very young in your “humanism.” You were ready. You received your divinity from the closest star cluster to you that had this energy, and you started the process of growing up, and going through your civilization growth and your wars, and discovering and working through all the dark energies that all the others did who had this test on their planets. You were the youngest group of Humans in the galaxy, and ready to work the consciousness puzzle, just as they had done.

While you were doing it, there were dozens of ascended planets looking at you who knew who you were. They were watching what was going to happen with your free choice. They couldn’t come or go, and they couldn’t touch you for this divine test … and any others who might want to interfere were kept away and still are, by the way, so that you can work with your free choice – ascension or not – destroy yourselves or not – because with your free will, it makes your decisions pure.

Questions have been asked, “Dear Kryon, why doesn’t God just turn on the light and everybody goes home?” Dear ones, that’s because, with free will, you get a chance to make it pure. Your own Human consciousness decides what happens here. They are all watching.

Your spiritual parents from the Pleiadian star cluster, the nine stars with many planets, brought you the divine “package” – the same one that had been brought to them a long time ago. You have some of their DNA, dear ones. Did you know that? Many scientists are beginning to understand: The modern Human on the planet did not evolve from anything on Earth below them biologically. You did NOT come from anything here! The Missing Link has come from the STARS.

Those Pleiadians who birthed your divinity went through their own tests, and when they got to a certain place [of ascension], they said, “It is good.” and they came here. We celebrate that coming here today. We honor the few who have stepped out to claim this far-fetched truth for today. What is crazy talk today, often becomes the core truth tomorrow, and history has shown this to be the way of it.

We celebrate you and your magnificence because, at this juncture, you have just turned a corner and are beginning that which many from other worlds had all hoped for. With free choice at this moment, a ball is rolling that cannot be stopped. It may slow, and it may speed. It may get a little dirty for a while, but it cannot be stopped. It’s the rolling ball of the New Lemuria; it is an ascension ball that is rolling in your time and your history that says this particular planet has made it into that interesting place of learning “the rest of the story.”

It is a planet that is going from an old to a new energy and from a single-digit dimensionality to multiple-digits of dimensionality. It is an awkward time, just like when you watch your children go into adolescence, and they go through the gyrations of growing up and looking funny and acting weird. But that’s who you are right now.

Old Soul who is here, who is listening [or reading] now or later, these things that I have just told you are true. The current group of scientists who shake their heads at all of these things today, will someday have to work this puzzle as well. What’s different is that it’s not just a spiritual puzzle. It’s a physics puzzle, for God is the great physicist. But if they don’t wish to see this revealed truth, and if they are stubborn and try to remain in their old dysfunction, they will be faced with a dilemma when those from the stars land here and finally say “hello.” and talk about the new physics – where every rule and law of physics is simply an invitation to modify it.

The Pleiadians know of this meeting and these Starseeds now, because this is a time when you start to gather together and acknowledge that you intuitively know, there is a greater family.

The Reason Why You have not been Greeted by the Star Families

I told you that there was a reason that the Star Families have not visited you so far: The reason is multiple.

Number One: You don’t believe in them. You are not ready. Many expect them, but they don’t expect the consciousness they will have. Most Humans expect a conquering ET, since that is the prevailing energy of your own society and it is your history.

Number Two: You are still of an old energy and are too dangerous. Do you know what would happen today if a vehicle of any kind or any shape or energy decided to land on the White House lawn? Do I have to tell you what would happen? You are dangerous. You are not ready.

There will come a time when a higher consciousness of humanity will actually expect them. When some of you start to hear and remember the lullabies of your Star Mothers and you cognize the reality of what I’ve just told you, they will come. When the love that has gone into the creation of a Human soul “made in the image of the Creator” is seen by humanity as truth … they will come.

As above, so below. You are the below at the moment and you will have a time where you meld into that which is above. When that happens, you won’t even be able to tell the difference. That’s the promise of what is coming on the planet. Not now, not in a hundred years, but it’s coming.

The difference between now and a hundred years from now is going to be astonishing and it’s not going to be high-tech inventions alone. Instead, it’s going to be the results of high consciousness, and there is a big difference. That’s what we teach.

I came here in 1989. I was here when the precession of the equinoxes was in full swing, knowing very well that in the field was the potential that you would not destroy yourselves as your scripture told you would happen, as the prophets of old told you as well. You didn’t destroy yourselves, and that, dear ones, shows that there is a little bit of magnificence and maturity that you’ve gained here, and that’s why I’m here, and that’s why the Starseeds that you met these two days are here.

You want to know who the Starseeds really are? They are all of you. It’s time to understand the potential. Could I be right? Could you really have come from another place besides here?

I am in love with humanity for these reasons. The love of a parent blossoms even more and is accelerated by watching a child grow into an adult and suddenly have self-awareness and start the journey of discovery. Who am I? How did I really get here? And what’s really next? Those questions beg for answers, and those answers will be the new, revealed Truth. There’s more, but for now and for these meetings and for the revelations to come in your future, I say,

And so it is.


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