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The Dead Sea Scrolls

Where can I find access to the Dead Sea Scrolls? I've long thought that the “known” story of Jesus is convoluted and different from the truth. Are these scrolls accessible to average people?

Not yet, nor would it help much if they were, since so much of what they contain must be realized within the context of the culture in which they were written. Look to the unbiased scholars who have access to them for a far better understanding of what took place. And yes... the truth is different from your current teachings.

(From Lee): You've touched on a subject that was presented by Kryon in Book One, published in 1989. There are books that might help you learn more, written by the only female biblical historian allowed access to the scrolls. Her name is Barbara Thiering, and she's written many books about Jesus that are filled with “Aha!” revelations that you always suspected... but which are presented from the standpoint of a historian, not a New Age believer. Go to and type in Barbara's name under “Author,” and you'll find her books.


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