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The Karmic Clearance

Dear Kryon, I have a question regarding the karmic clearance. As you put it, in this New Age, karmic-attribute clearance is possible just through our pure intent. However, a different Website under the name of Lord Maitreya gives a different view of it. Quoting the master's recent message, it goes: “There is no easy way to free yourself from the wheel of karma. It takes hard work, discipline, determination, and a battle between the Self and the Higher Self. However, for those of you who can achieve the end result, [which] is no more return to the earth plane, the struggle is absolutely worth it.” Please tell me in these times what should we believe? I was so much at peace, but after reading this, it appears that I'm confused again!

The Maitreya information you're quoting is accurate, but Maitreya didn't say you had to suffer all your life or get beaten up by your past karma to get through it. Hard work was indicated, and we agree. There's no conflict here. The Kryon message never said that you could say some magic words and have your karma voided. The message was that you now have the gifts to void it without actually going through it, just as the masters did, whereas in the old energy, the only way to void it was to live through it. Now you're able to void it with pure intent, which starts a journey. Then comes learning and patience. Eventually you'll be free, and yes... it is absolutely worth it.

Our message is about a personal process that's new for humanity. You can begin this journey of self-evaluation and the voiding of karma with pure intent and achieve it. We've always told you about the battle between the lower and higher self. If you really want to review our message of karma-voiding and ascension, find and read the book of parables called The Journey Home, where we outlined the story of a man who did it, and what he went through. Hard work, a battle between the lower and higher self, and a loving outcome... that was worth it.


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