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The Pathless Way

There comes a point in your life where you realise the old way of being and existing in the world, just doesn't work any more. It doesn't make sense any longer to graft and grind for the same, or similar, outcomes. It doesn't seem to fulfill. That's when the inner journey, as a moment by moment way of being, beckons. That's what this second in the new Openhand Philosophy series (including video) is all about. It's a snippet, to provide insight and inspiration, for those who are coming to realise, that the inner journey is the only true way to lasting fulfillment. At Openhand we call it "The Pathless Way"...

The Meaning of Life Suddenly Dawns

There comes a point where it suddenly dawns: it's not about trying to control and manipulate life and circumstances 'out there'. Somehow, everything seems just out of reach, like a child grasping for a helium filled balloon. You never seem to find contentment.

It's because your soul has come alive, and wants you to connect with it... "I'm here, inside, I'm what life is really all about!"

Your consciousness shapes everything that you experience in the outer world. Both the aligned aspect - that in tune with your soul - and that which is misaligned - your false self.

Looking in the Mirror - who are you being now?

So we create mirrors by which to see and feel who we are. When you soften and let go of the struggle, then look inwards for how to be - what's your highest truth in this moment? - then a different way of creating and being starts to unfold.

You start to realise the path shapes from what you're being inside.

It takes quite a leap of faith to trust in this all the time - that it will deliver a solid pathway down which to travel, one that you can rely upon. But the more you give it a chance, you come to realise, it's the only thing you can truly rely upon.

Look for the Relections

If you begin to trust, look into the mirror, watch for the reflections and simply follow your highest guidance, then even as you get it 'wrong', where mishaps seems to happen, it's no problem, because you suddenly see that you're advancing in terms of growth, in terms of your self-realisation - which is the only thing really going on.

The pathless way is about recognising there is no fixed or destined path. There is nothing to control or wish for 'out there'. Instead you're looking for a way of being, in this moment, right now. Who are you? Then to unfold that, express it out into the world, and follow Right Action from it.

That's when magic happens. A path of light flows through you, from you, where every reflection confirms who you now really are. It's a simply sublime way of being and existing. What else is there? Check out our new video here below. It's to support your Pathless Way...


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