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The Perceptions of God

Here is a very sweet, short channelling about how we see God, and how history has created something very different than what is actually there. Our culture has ask us fear God, worship God, and then assigned mythology to define God. Could it be that God is far more that this?

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

There would be those who would wonder about the consciousness of God, and how is it that such a high-vibrating attribute could ever be presented in 3D. After all, channelling is supposed to represent the consciousness of God through a Human Being, so how can that be? And so we again tell you that this is the puzzle of what you see happening now. Many Humans come to this planet designed to be the spiritual translators of such an event, and many are in the room now, and we know who they are.

It goes well beyond those who would channel, such as my partner is doing right now. It also extends to those who call themselves “healers” in this room, for they have the same task as the channeller or the teacher, and that is translating a perceptual, metaphorical message into something that is 3D and practical. The healer often stands before that person who comes before them for help, and their intellect knows less than half the story. The discernment of their Higher-Self and the energy that pours to them, which we call channelling, gives them the rest of the picture. It tells them where to touch and what energies to develop. It gives instructions whether to be soft or energetic. This is channelling.

The teacher stands before the piece of paper that is empty and asks, “What is next?” And on the paper starts to flow the information for the next sermon - and that's channelling! The one who sits in the chair to meditate and clears their mind accordingly does not give God a laundry list of things that are wrong in their lives. Instead, the wise one knows that God is always with them and knows all of the things that have occurred in their lives before they sat in the chair. So we say it again: Blessed is the one who is quiet and says, “Dear God, tell me what it is I need to know.” Without a bias, without a prejudgment of what they think the answer might be, they are then ready to have wisdom flow in. Their perception of God is that of a friend.

So, is that you today as you read this? Or have you decided in advance what you will receive? It's quite difficult to clear your mind of potentials, for the Human Being fills the mind automatically with expectations. It's part of the survival scenario that you know so well, and which has kept you fearful for centuries.

Dear one, if you have come to that point, that precipice where you need answers so badly and you want to hear the numbers or the words, don't be disappointed if all you get is a hug, for that is an answer! The hug in spiritual terms means that practical answers are on the way. You're going to get them and see them, and synchronicity will bring them. The hug means, therefore, to relax. Without this relaxation, you will make decisions that will get in the way of a synchronicity that will occur. Therefore, the hug is an answer, isn't it? It means that you're not alone. It means that there actually are answers on the way.

This entire seminar, the entire day has been about perceptual communications. From the information about the alignment of 2022 right down to what my partner calls a quantum perception has been everything he has been told to teach. And through synchronicity, he has been given the teaching points. This is the way it works: Whether it's an author on stage or a mom with her kids, the answers come in these ways. The mother loves their children so much and wants to see them with wisdom that they don't necessarily have yet. She doesn't want them to repeat the mistakes that are obvious. Let me give some advice: Teach the children what you know about God. That's the answer. Don't teach the child what was wrong with what they did or what's wrong with what you did in the past. Don't teach the child necessarily the lineage of mistakes you made. Instead, look in the child's eyes and say, “I want to tell you what I found that is the most important thing to me. It goes beyond any generation gap that ever existed. I found God in me and you've got it in you, too.” Let them know they can find it any way they want to. But it's going to keep them out of trouble, wise, and in the right place at the right time. You couldn't give a child anything better