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What are Archangels relative to Angels?

QUESTION: Dear Kryon,

1. I recognize that you thought it important for where we're at now to know that we don't have “2” or “3” spirit guides, but rather, an infinite (metaphorical) energy soup of them that act as one and change composition from time to time. My first question is “Why is it important for us to know that the old '2 or 3' metaphor was inaccurate and that the new metaphor is more accurate?”

2. My second question is: “Don't clairvoyant people 'see' 2 or 3 guides?... what are they seeing if not guides”?

3. If guides are more appropriately called “energies” rather than “entities,” are there still non-biologically-based life forms that are “entities”?

4. Are angels such entities or if not, how would you describe angels relative to guides?

5. What are archangels relative to angels?

6. More recently you said that some of the guide energy is with us for the duration of our earthly life cycle and other parts of it change composition. But, in the more further past, you mentioned that during larger vibrational increases we go through, there is a guide change for 90 days during which they “go quiet.” So, my questions on this one are why is it necessary for them to go quiet? And, why 90 days? And, I assume that they're “still there” just being “quiet” rather than truly disconnected from us, right? And what “triggers” this “go quiet” period?

ANSWER: Dear one,

1. It's important for you to know that you can't count the guides so that you don't “hang your hat” on them, name them, and depend on who you think is 2 or 3 entities. If a Human does this, it keeps them from experiencing the reality that there is far more than what they think. It keeps the Human restricted in his sight.

2. Clairvoyants see the top layer...the ones who are doing the most help at that moment, and the ones who the Human needs the most at that time. That's also why Auric photography (energy photography) differs from day to day. It's the “guide soup” at work, changing what you need.

3. Our definition of “entities” is any energy which has a consciousness that is equal or above to what you would consider Human. Yes there are many non-biological forms called entities in addition to energies called entities. Here again, we have the problem of your 4D propensity to compartmentalize almost everything to a singular source. This is very understandable, and honored. But a true interdimensional being knows that there are no hard “walls” to any consciousness and therefore the idea of assigning names or even personalities to interdimensional beings is limiting and misleading.

4. Angels are interdimensional beings just like you, but who contain their entire “group” in their awareness and comprehension. They have no duality and they have no biological expression.

5. Archangels are angels who have the energy of many angels. They are not “higher” or “lower” despite the name. They are not “in charge” of anything either. They are instead filled with the energy of many of the pieces and parts of the other angel entities. This makes them seem like they are more important. They are not. Think of them as communicating stations or “hubs” of energy transference that are more easily accessible to the whole. They exist to help bring groups of energies together for those who can't think out of 4D. They also help in the organization of energy that is needed in the Universe. **

6. With the implantation of permission to ascend (the implant) there is a one-time shift in the guide energy. It's related to the activation of the third layer of what you call DNA. What you call “going quiet” is process that you will relate to only metaphorically. It is the changing of the guard. It is that moment in space and time where one temple is torn down and another has its foundation laid. It is variable from Human to Human and also relates to your fears and allowances. It's a one-time change, and it's profound.

And no... your assumption that they are still here is only partially correct. The guides actually leave. You are NEVER alone, however, but what remains during this changing of the guard is far less than what you are used to. When the great master of Love thought he was near death, he called out to the “family” and thought they had forsaken him. He instead was experiencing this exact thing. Even the master was upset with this shift. In his case, it lasted 90 minutes. In most cases it is 90 days. The “9” is completion, and is significant in energy.

** Here is a discussion on the definition of Archangels from Ronna Herman, world renown channel for Archangel Michael:

“The great Archangels represent the individualized aspects, attributes and qualities of the Supreme Creator. They bring forth the fuel, or project the “love nature” of the Creator. The Elohim, builders of form, project the mental aspect of the Creator, and are the cocreators of manifested worlds using universal Light substance. They are projectors of primal life.

One explanation would be that the Archangels and the Great Beings of Light carry a greater amount of “God Essence” and we are refracted facets of these great beings. Each of the seven major archangels of our galaxy embody and radiate particular aspects, qualities and virtues of the Creator. Example: AA Michael radiates the First Ray of Divine Will and Power Each archangel and ray overlights humanity and the Earth in 2,000 year cycles. The predominant rays at this time are the Seventh Ray - the Ray of the violet transmuting flame - ceremonial order, freedom, redemption and purification, and the First Ray of Divine Will to Create is the secondary influence.

The Angelic Host of this universe came forth under the direction of the twelve great archangels who came from the Great Central Sun. They are the link between humanity and the Creator

The archangels are the messengers who bear the Divine Decrees of God and come forth in greater force and number to interact with humanity during times of great change/evolution.”


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