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Why are we, as a Western society, preoccupied with our external/physical appearance?

Why are we, as a Western society, preoccupied with our external/physical appearance? Why can the way we look either raise or lower our self-worth and self-esteem? Why can I look at nature/animals that come in all sizes and appearances and find it/them to be perfect and beautiful? Why are we all getting fatter, and yet as a society we condemn ourselves for it? Is it a Western society setup? And if it is, Kryon, I want to be the Lighthouse that can show another way. I want to be the role model who can say to young women that they're perfect just the way they are - and they are! For me to do this, I need to work out why it's such a setup that I've been caught up with for the past 30 years.

The true answer is not to describe the Human psyche for you, but to truly address the real issue. It is what it is, and this comes with both a setup and with some intellect. The over-concentration about looks is all about procreation and the fear of not continuing the race. Animals do it in the wild, but in different ways. So it's a holdover.

Know this: As a human vibrates higher, self-worth begins to occur naturally. In that process, it's also natural to start understanding the whole scenario you describe. So without anyone's help, a very nice balance takes place - all by itself. So the best advice for you is to vibrate higher and send light to others. Let your frustration with what's around you, which is lower energy, be replaced by the joy that you don't have to be included. Then start to balance your opinion of what's around you. For it will do you well to relax with what it is you cannot change, and get excited about what it is you can.

Blessed are the Human Beings who understand this, for they will no longer be in a place of stress due to what the world looks like around them. Instead, they'll paint a beautiful portrait of what they can be within the world on a daily basis.


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