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Why is this freedom to change potential not extended to other planets?

I've reread your channel about spiritual winter, and you've mentioned again that Earth is the only planet of free choice... one that can change its own dimensionality. If Humans can grasp the concept of freedom, then I know it is divine information and helps God, too. As Humans, however, we wish all peoples of the Earth to have freedom. Why is this freedom to change potential not extended to other planets?

In some ways it is. You see, what you do here will affect all other planets, plus planets yet to be created. They may not have your divine complement, but what you do will change their awareness. You are, therefore, the catalyst for something so big that you cannot conceive of it. It's a test that has been in the planning for eons, and will eventually change the potentials of other planets that have life. But you're the only ones who have the charge to do this... part angelic... part Human, you exist for this. [Also see #19 in this section.]

Other planets are free to change their reality as a result of what they decide. But only you are free to become masters while on the earth, changing your actual vibration level, and through that, changing the fabric of time for all the others. Don't look for proof of this, for you'll never find it. It's part of the challenge, but when you're not on Earth, it's the main subject of your energy quest.


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