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Would You Please Explain More About The 5th Dimension?

Dear Kryon, would You Please Explain More About The 5th Dimension?

The subject of interdimensionality is one of the most covered by the Kryon messages than any other subject. So the answers have been given again and again. However, to honor you in the ‘now,' I again say:

There is no such thing as the 5th dimension. When you broach moving from the 4 your are in (height, depth, width, and time), then you enter all the others at the same time. In addition, you throw away linearity (counting – one step after another – the clock) so you can't call anything “number 5.”

But your reality is that you are indeed moving to the “next dimension,” even though you perceive it singularly. Think bigger than that. When you step out of the reality you are in, you step into something far bigger than the “next box called 5.” Instead, it is the whole package!


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