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EMF Balancing Technique and The Reconnection energy are the same things

No. They are two profoundly different approaches to the discussion and development of procedures around one thing... the power of the Human Being.

Both disciplines are new to the planet (in the last ten years). Both are discussions that actually start out by asking you to “feel” the energy within you. Both are divinely inspired, and both are stewarded each by one Human Being who was born to do just that. And... both facilitations can work together if you wish them to.

Humans are diverse. Your brains are designed to be different from one another. One's approach to excitement in life is often the other's boredom! You know this, for you see it every day. This is why there are many religions on the planet. Did you ever think about that? If God is God, and you are actually pieces of God, then why are there so many different ideas of what to do about it all?

Therefore, you'll continue to see many roads to the realization of the same thing. Some will travel one, some will travel the other. Some will even wish to travel them all! So weigh which process is meaningful to you and study it. Then when you're finished, see if you wish to study the other as well. They do not conflict with respect to what they teach... that the Human Being is capable of divine power within, and can create in ways that an old energy thought was impossible. The basic premise of both is that you're a master on the planet.


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