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I no longer feel that I “belong” anywhere

QUESTION: Dear Kryon: I had been on a spiritual quest my entire life until I discovered the Kryon material. It has changed my life, and I've been a devoted “Kryonite” ever since. Five years ago my life turned upside down - in a moment, I lost both of my dear parents, my mother to heart disease, and my father to dementia. I also learned that my closest sister was suffering from chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). It has been a most difficult time for me. I'm the eldest daughter of nine children and have always felt I must care for everyone. My belief system has helped me cope with the pain and despair that I often feel.

On May 14, 2003 (5-5-5) I too was diagnosed with CLL. What a blow! This past year my world has changed dramatically, and I no longer feel that I “belong” anywhere. I feel disconnected from family and friends. I meditate and talk to my cells, but it has been a long time since I've felt any joy in my life. What's wrong? I understand that being a Human “being” is not easy; however, I used to have an active professional and social life but now take little pleasure in my former pursuits. Why? I want to make a contribution, but how do I discover what that will be? Help!

ANSWER: Dear One, nothing is wrong with you, or the thousands of others who experience these kinds of things. Remember: Lighthouses are never built in safe places. You discovered the answer to your questions early on. Now implement them.

Change your DNA and this disease will retreat from you. Not only that, but a little-known effect that we haven't yet discussed can also occur... what you do with your DNA will be “seen” by the consciousness of the DNA within your children and can actually break the linkage within your lineage. All humanity is connected at a level that is consistent with what your physicists are noticing in their new quantum studies. So what you do affects more than just you. This is also the basis of almost everything we teach about what you can do for others through your own self-examination.

So now is the time to create an island of peace within the storm of life. This is something that has been given to you because you're strong and have the ability to do it. Break the mold that others would normally be pulled into. Instead of “Why me?” shout “Why not!” You're not exempt from the Human experience just because you're spiritual. Instead, you're one who can change this situation... part of the planet of free choice we've spoken of so often.

You're not alone, and we line up behind you and celebrate your victories, and hold you when you cry. It's a group effort... one that you have sensed from the beginning. Now strike this light of yours and show what you can do. The storm rages, but you are calm. Let the love of God be your sword, and the wisdom of your knowledge be the shield. Your light can change not only you, but all those around you.

Blessings to you and those like you, who are distressed at this time.


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