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The Greatest Puzzle

This will be classic, for Kryon tackles a very controversial subject: “Given the very low consciousness of the planet for eons, do we have the real truth about God, or just the children's version?” When you begin to analyze it, we seem to have a very dysfunctional world-wide belief about something very, very beautiful and majestic. Kryon says, “This is not your father's world.” Things are evolving in such a way that God is becoming far more elegant to those who are starting to look.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

What follows is the story of a very old, historic consciousness of the planet, which is starting to crack open due to evolving Old Souls. I'm going to call this message, “The Biggest Puzzle.”

It's a grand story, you know? It's a story of Human consciousness and the way you think and act, and it's a story of what has occurred so far in history that relates to the perception of the Creator.

The Grand Consensus

It's so fascinating, is it not, to take a look at humanity and see what they believed at certain junctures in history? Today, right now, there is a consensus that humanity in general believes in the afterlife. Statistically, they say, over eighty percent of the billions who are here believe in this elusive afterlife. Therefore, this belief is what we call intrinsic, or innate. It's the instinctual intuition that you are born with. Therefore, there is already a seed-belief that there's more - more than your kind of life here on your planet. There must be something beyond what you see - something, perhaps, that is multidimensional.

There is also a consensus, finally, that this Creative Source is singular - One God. This leads you to larger questions about this singular Creative Source, which is beyond that which you can see, which is able to create - you. That question has a consensus as well: Almost universally on this planet, throughout all of the belief systems, there is something greater than your biological body. It's kind of like a “spiritual vehicle” you ride in called the Soul, and it's eternal. You're here for a while and then move on to something else, forever. So that's the general premise and the consensus, as you sit here right now, of that singular Creator and the Human soul.

However, what is also interesting at this point in time is that you claim to have free spiritual choice. This free choice is seen as a very positive idea. “I have free choice,” you say. “I'm not forced into any belief. I can choose to believe whatever I wish with my own consciousness and intuition.” Indeed, this sounds so positive and correct - yet, dear ones, instead of something positive, it is a frustration - a puzzle. The reason? Because, Old Soul, you sit here as the product of a historical lower consciousness that is starting to crack with the lack of spiritual logic. You are beginning to ask questions within this new evolving energy. Let me explain.

When you are born into this planet and, as a child, you have many opportunities to watch and learn about the puzzle of creation. You don't ponder large spiritual ideas as you grow, not really. You may hear about them and have words about them and you may even be taught songs about them, but you don't intellectually ponder the magnificence and the profundity of creation until you come of age. Until you are able to ask logical questions of your own, you have a simple and very persuasive model that you experience around you. It's not necessarily a spiritual one, but it's a model of something similar. In this culture, we're going to call it the Santa Claus effect.

The Santa Claus Effect

Santa Claus is an all-seeing and all-knowing benevolent entity who knows you. It's a male (of course - just like God) who knows where you live and knows if you're good or bad. [laughter] I'm right, you know? This is the model of Santa Claus and, depending upon what you do as a child, there will be presents for you or no presents. So, already there is the setup. Here is an invisible force who knows who you are, one who is looking at you all the time, and who is ready to judge your behavior - good or bad, gifts or not.

The premise is experienced and lived-with for years of growing up, and the child believes it. He/She cognizes it completely. Also, in this grand illusion, there is often is a set of loving parents who back it up. They are the ones who continue to promote the illusion because it's fun and because there can be surprises, love, happiness, tradition, and family satisfaction. That's the Santa Claus Effect.

When you're about seven or a little after, the truth is often revealed. You're old enough to have your own beginning intellect, and, eventually, you realize the deception, accept it as fun, and then go on to promote it for your children as well. But then, some interesting things take place: The years between seven and ten or eleven (depending upon the child and the gender) are very interesting. Because this is where you solidify the puzzle. I'll tell you what happens.

The Puzzle Presents Itself - Or Not

At eleven or twelve, you're not yet at the age where you are pondering life and creation, but you are old enough to have beginning choice and questions about your own existence. This is where you get to see what your parents have done with this same puzzle. Most children in your culture carefully watch what the parents believe about God and then emulate it. It's actually quite an amazing process for all of you. It's teaching and training by default, and because children look up to grown-ups for survival and ways to exist, it's not really intuitive to ask - yet.

Your beginning adolescent mind starts to make connections with what you have seen all your life about religion and worship, and it comes directly from your parents and their peers. First of all, you see them with many other grown-ups doing the same things over and over. This has tremendous credibility for you. You see what they wear that is special, and you see them in worship positions (often only once a week). You see some of them praying and crying, perhaps. Depending on where you are, you may see some of the authoritative leaders in special outfits, quoting important-sounding scripture, and giving doctrinal instructions. You see them all performing this in a huge building - and that's important, too: Who builds these buildings? The answer is - someone very important because the structures are grand and cost a fortune. You're told that some of the buildings are a hundred years old, and then you start to understand and cognize and realize that all this must be the “way of it,” since history itself was also doing exactly what your parents are doing.

From birth to young adolescence, the youngsters might say: “Look at the grown-ups! They believe it one hundred percent. They dress for the occasion. Look - the organization even has costumes for the occasion (the way it looks to a child). There are millions spent on the buildings and it's all very credible.” All this is the way of things, and it's real.

At that point in time, dear ones, a child won't ask any questions. They simply watch, participate to the extent they can, and are indelibly stamped with the actions they observe as the reality of existence. Without thinking, the children become the adults. Without thinking, many children then grow up, with the biggest issue for all humanity completely solved for them: They know who the Creator is, and all the questions about life and the soul are somehow now answered, by default, within thousands of pages of old scriptures, costumes, protocol, and the blur of the Santa Claus Effect, which somehow also became doctrinal and the “way of God.” Let me discuss that.

Current Thinking

It's so interesting, is it not, that the current belief on this planet regarding the Creator of the Universe has come to this? Billions and billions believe in a benevolent, loving, single God of Creation, and here is the story:

There is a vast and loving invisible force, call it what you want - God, Spirit, Creator. This invisible force knows you and knows your name and knows when you're bad or good, and you better watch out - because when you leave this planet to that afterlife that you believe in, there's going to be reward or punishment. Does this sound familiar? That is where the consciousness of the planet is right now. Billions believe that this loving Creator will torture you and your children if you don't follow some rules set up by the ones with the costumes. You were given free choice, and then immediately judged on your choice (old writings tell you this).

Say What?

How does this sound so far? Does “spiritual logic” come into play anywhere in this story? How many regularly take a look at all this and ask the following questions: “Is this correct? Is this not correct? Am I simply repeating something I learned as a child? Is there more that I don't understand yet?” The answer to how many are asking is: Not that many. There is something that has kept you from asking these questions, dear ones, and it is something that is starting to change.

There has been a very dark and consistently non-evolving consciousness on this planet for a very long time. You were approaching the end of time as you knew it and were scheduled to go through yet another war approaching the year 2000. It was going to be the end of everything. Dear ones, you know this, for it's the prophecy of your time here on the planet.

The man who sits in the chair (Lee) went through the Cold War and he saw a time when two countries had fifty thousand nuclear weapons pointed at each other. On the deathbed of Lee's father, the dying man uttered these words, “I'm sorry that I brought you into this world at this point in time. There really is no hope for survival. We will, indeed, have a nuclear exchange. I'm sorry.” He had gone through World War Two and knew what would happen next. This was the prediction, even in his church, and it looked like humanity would repeat history and continue war. But it would be the last one. It would be called World War Three and it would be short. Billions believed and expected this. It was simply what Humans do and had done throughout history. The father was so upset that his son would have to go through that! This was his reality.

Humanity has warred and warred for eons, all within these ages of low consciousness. One war led to another and there seemed to be no Akashic remembrance, no innate instructions that war didn't really solve anything. There really didn't seem to be instinct from one generation to another that said, “Don't do this! It doesn't work. It's dysfunctional and creates horrors for humanity, every time.” There was no survival remembrance from generation to generation. So, the old ones pass, and the new ones war again - on and on it goes.

This entire scenario is due to low consciousness. Generation after generation of humanity grew up and then did it again. Each time, the weapons got larger. More death; more horror. Not only that, but an unbelievable fact: Most of the wars and the sorrow and death within the history of humanity were caused by disagreements in who has the correct belief of the one loving God! [Pause for logic and head-shaking here].

Because of the low consciousness of humanity, history showed that it continued and continued. Even the ones who believed in loving, beloved prophets, decided that war, death, and horror were the answer: Ancient Christians created the Spanish Inquisition, and today, there are those who will cut off the heads of Christians for millions to view on social media, to emphasize who is right about the one loving God. So, how much has changed, do you think? How much evolution have you seen? Not much.

This is not a criticism of the past, dear ones, for it's all you had. I've just described your history, when almost everything you believed about God - the knowledge, the organizations, the doctrines - has been the children's version. It's the Santa Claus version. Again, this is not a judgment, but rather, a fact of a low consciousness history. But now, this low consciousness is slowly starting to shift - and the result of it isn't just in spiritual puzzle-solving.

The Great Shift

We have discussed this event many times: Something recently happened, dear ones. There was no Armageddon. In the year 2012, a shift happened that started to open a door. It was the beginning of a new kind of consciousness that would, indeed, allow for evolution. It would be an allowance to see the puzzle differently, and begin to ask the questions: “Is there more to the story of God than we learned? Right now, as you sit here, there is a light, within the thinking of many, being turned on. For the first time, individuals are starting to ask questions about the puzzle.

A Change in Non-Spiritual Thinking

Already, you have started to see the increase in the desire for integrity in all things. This comes mainly from the First World [countries] at this point. These are the ones who have governments that allow citizens to think and say and publish what they are thinking. This is starting a revolution - a revolution in puzzle-solving. “What do we do with this rotten old energy we created? How do we eradicate bias and inequity? How can we be more transparent? How can we change politics? How can we change corporate greed? How can we change inappropriate Big Pharma? How can we eliminate worldwide child slavery? How did it get to this? The reason for all this?” A light has been turned on so successfully that everything that was always dark, is now in the light! Suddenly, everything in our society looks dysfunctional! That is what the evolution of consciousness looks like.

The Biggest Issue

The puzzle starts to show itself again. “Who am I? What is the real truth about the loving Creator of all things?” One by one, individual Human Beings - without even being prompted, without evangelical thrust, without a prophet, without a system, without anything - are awakening to the answer. One by one, they're asking these questions: “Could there be more than I was told? Could there be more than any of us knew?” And the children's version starts to fade away.

When you were told the truth about Santa Claus, perhaps there was temporary disappointment. There will be the same as you slowly have the truth revealed about your soul, except the news is good and makes so much more sense! So, the disappointment will be in why you believed the children's version for so long. Those who start to ask the questions about if their worship is correct or not, or if God really is a judging God, will start to get a new and refreshing story - and, finally, it will make sense.

The Puzzle - Current Belief

How can God love you so much but then send your children to Hell? How can any God torture a Human child who doesn't find out something in time? How can our souls have free choice and have one Human [Adam or Eve], thousands of years ago, mess it up eternally? Where is the love of the individual, beautiful soul in this? How can God be so dysfunctional as to feature very low Human consciousness such as judgment and anger? How can God have a war in Heaven and a “fallen Angel, a friend of the Creator,” who then becomes some kind of torture-master? This sounds like a bad children's story! This can't be God! You are correct. Instead, it's the Human nature story at its worst! Something is wrong here.

Sometimes, high officials of the Church are asked all about this: “Why is this? How could that be the way of it?” They often shrug, point to the scripture that validates it, and say, “Well, God works in mysterious ways. We don't know why, but that's the way it is.” So, this becomes a glimpse that they are puzzled as well, but they believe it anyway (just as their parents did).

Evolving Thought

Here is where you have the invitation to disengage for a moment, dear ones, and start looking at the puzzle and say: “I strongly believe that God loves me and knows my name. I can feel the awesome benevolence of the Creator ... however, the part about judgment and anger and Heaven and hell doesn't seem to really have any spiritual logic to it. It doesn't make sense. It doesn't ring with truth.” Then the puzzle starts to beg to be solved.

At this point, dear ones, let me give you some guidance. Don't turn from your awareness of a loving, benevolent Creator who knows you. The love of God is perfect for you, and amazing. Perhaps this is the junction of your life where you start to evolve with these questions: “Could God be bigger than all this? Could the real scenario be absolutely magnificent?”

One by one, on the planet, many Old Souls are awakening to this puzzle, and it brings them to listen or read messages like this. It brings them to a place where they realize that every single Human is different and unique, and the relationship to the Creator is not something that comes from a man-made generic system that reeks with dysfunction. They start to understand that the real solution to the puzzle may not come from an old and obviously inaccurate scripture written by men. They realize that, instead, it might be self-evident at the soul-level, from the Innate inside each Human. It might be spectacular!

There's something more. Remember the Santa Claus story? When you found out that the imaginary Santa was actually your parents, you relaxed a little. You had a good time because that's where the real love was. All along, it was close to you and from a source that you knew. Could this new truth about God be similar?

Dear ones, it's time. In this new energy, you're graduating from the children's version of God, to a grander truth that makes far more sense. You're realizing that the Creator knows who you are, and that's where the real love is. That's the real parent. You're starting to evolve and the old things you believed start to unravel.

“Is there something bigger than I was told?” Oh, yes! But it's not what you might expect. It's not another spiritual organization. It's not something to join. It's not another updated doctrine. It doesn't have rules or steps to climb. It doesn't involve a great prophet to worship. It doesn't have anything you're used to. You don't have to suffer a little to get God's favor. None of these dysfunctional things are there. Instead, it's a new paradigm that is far more elegant and honoring to the Creator. You get to see something that you didn't expect: You're magnificent in the eyes of the Creator who knows your name. You're like a child of God, magnificent in every way and loved beyond measure. You have absolute free choice to accept this or not, without any consequences, even if you choose not to look at it. When you leave this planet, you all have the same party and the same celebration on the other side, and your soul is honored for the journey.

Important Perceptions

If you are starting to look around at these things, here are my instructions: You are not betraying anyone - whether it's a pastor, a minister, a priest, a friend, or your parents - when you begin to see things that they never saw. I say that because, in the past, the energy was darker. In that darker consciousness, you were given the best they had - the greatest truth they could give you. They delivered it to you with all the love, intention, and purity they had. But today, a new light is turned on and many are starting to see something else - something beyond the children's story. It's more magnificent, makes more sense, and it's so much better that it's beyond anything you've been exposed to. Listen: Your choice to look doesn't mean that you're betraying any of them. Do you understand this? There is no betrayal.

This is what so often keeps many from looking at the puzzle: “I cannot do this. I cannot go there because I'll hurt this person or that person who was my mentor.” This is your soul and your life, with your own free choice. If there really is a grander truth, don't you think those who guided you in the past would want you to know it?

Part of an evolving spiritual nature is that you are beginning to understand that non-linear things are probably a much better explanation for a multidimensional Creator. There are many around you who will tell you that, to really understand God, there must be a good, solid anchoring of reality to “ground your thinking” about God. There should be a doctrine, a book, an organization to join, and a strong, historic prophet to study, for these things to work. These are all very 3D things that made the existence of God work in an older energy - The Santa Claus Effect. Even with all the things that made no sense in this, it was the best you had, and it was cognized by most of humanity.

Today, millions of Old Souls are starting to awaken to a far more elegant and magnificent idea of the reality of God the Creator. And this, dear ones, is why there's so much cheering going on within that elusive and immense place called “the other side of the veil.”

“Kryon, can we really solve the puzzle? Without the anchor of linear information that we need, how do we make sense of it for our linear minds?” I'll say what I said in the last channel: Don't worry about the minutiae. You don't have to understand the inner workings of the creation of the Universe to be part of it. You don't have to have an intellectual map of all things spiritual in order to believe. Instead, step into the light and let these things evolve - and they will. Don't be afraid to sit there and be loved!

But alas, expect the ignorance of a very old and darker history of your planet to continue to shout to you: “Don't listen to the channelling! It's the devil. It's a trick!”

From Kryon: It's a new day with a new evolving magnificent relationship to the Creator. This is not your father's world. Dare to sit and be loved! Let the light in and see for yourself. Question everything that you wish to, and openly feel what is there!

Some trick.

If you don't like what you feel and see, or you're afraid of that immense love that is there, you can easily go right back to that very comfortable paradigm of a dysfunctional Santa.

And so it is.


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